Firewalker With ME2, If You're On The Cerberus Network

Mass Effect 2 owners—specifically, original owners—will get all new downloadable content via the game's Cerberus Network, with five new missions coming next month in the "Firewalker" pack.

The downloadable mission pack features the Hammerhead heavy assault vehicle prominently, one that "hovers over the battlefield at up to 120 kilometers per hour and features a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive manoeuvring."

That Firewalker pack will be priced at "free" for Mass Effect 2 owners already on the Cerberus Network, namely those of you who purchased it new with a working redeemable code.

Kotaku AU Note: No date yet, just "late March".

Mass Effect: The Cerberus Network [Bioware]


    Very cool!! Although not so much for people who bougth pre-owned

    This is soooo sweet. I love how they're doing this with the Cerberus setup. Makes you feel lucky for buying it brand new ;) lol

    I just finished Mass Effect 2 yesterday, at level 28.
    Hopefully the content pack will help me reach level 30.
    Also while i'm commenting, thank you EA for allowing me to carry the bonus dragon age armor from my pc version of dragon age to my 360 version of mass effect 2.

    Sweeet. Looking forward to it.

    Vastly better than the included DLC for Dragon Age purchasers. Sure, Shale is great but for 1200 points you want something more than an extra character... In that sense, I don't see "Project AU$20" being successful with Dragon Age, but Mass Effect 2 could pave the way.

    Sounds good, can't wait.

    boo ya!


    It's Bioware BABY!

    Ok now that it is out of my system. I think it is great that they are doing this. Clearly the Gods...err I mean guys at Bioware could have charged for it.

    Great way of getting new blood to play their epic...did you hear me...E..P..I..C games.

    Darren is a self confessed Bioware/Black Isles fan boy who also likes shooters, strategy games and anything else that stops him from doing study.

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