First L.A. Noire Screens Are Real... Are They Spectacular?

Team Bondi's detective adventure L.A. Noire is coming in 2010 and the first in-game screens to prove that it actually exists—enough to generate some screen shots—are finally here. Well, not here, but there.

Game Informer has the first real shots of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game from Rockstar and Team Bondi, a quintet of screens that are appropriately brown and dated. See Team Bondi's interpretation of driving in 1940s Los Angeles, their take on investigating a bloody pipe and their skill at rendering both plaid and pinstripes. Be ready to stock up on virtual monies to download new fedoras and bask in the wonder of Team Bondi's proprietary video game engine.

Everything you were hoping for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Exclusive New L.A. Noire Screens [Game Informer]


    Ah cool, I was under the impression this was a PS3 exclusive.

      The speculation and announcing of the platforms has changed as much as the speculation of the release date.

      It was such a mess at one stage. Thankgod they got their act together. Turning out to look, well, awesome!

      Rockstar can't do no wrong IMO - oh wait, GTA IV.

      Rockstar's year it seems - Red Dead and L.A. Noire if it gets released in 2010. No new GTA is needed for me. I'm all set with games and DLC.

      Yeah, I was under the impression that it was a PS3 exclusive too...

    Oh cool, My 3d Modeling Tutor worked on this! at one point in time it was almost scratched he was so excited when he found out it was going to be released..

    And now im excited to learn its coming to 360 as well, now ill get a chance to play it!


      So only now thats its coming on the X360 will you get a change to play it? Dont they sell PS3's in your part of the world?

      I mean seriously, comments like that are just silly. If the game is out there, you have the means to play it. If that means you need to purchase new hardware, then so be it - but as long as its released you'll always have a chance of "playing it"

        Eh, you're jumping the gun a bit there... not everyone has the means to get a console specifically for one game. Just because it exists, doesn't mean you can play it necessarily.

          Everyone has a point mate. Not everyone can afford to have 3 consoles. I mean, I have a PC and a PS3 so I get to play most of the x-box 'exclusives' when they're on PC and all the PlayStation 3 exclusives. So go easy on the guys who own PCs and X-boxs, even if they have just doubled up on hardware.

        ps3 fanboy?

          Yes - I am such a PS3 fanboy that I also have an X360 and Wii, and a DS...

          I'm such a PS3 fanboy...

        Jesus, that was the most moronic rant I've ever had to read. Not everyone can afford all three consoles. If you can, well done, but don't be so elitist as to actually rant at someone who can't or doesn't want to.

        Hmm, and an idiot too!! Sorry I dont complain about not having the hardware to play a game that I really want to play. Because I know, if I wanted to play something, I acquire the means to play it.

        My post was referring more to saying "oh wow now I can play a game because its on X machine" rather than saying "well I wanted to play that game, so I will get the machine/hardwae to play it"

        If I wanted to play Halo - would I sit there and complain about not owning a XBOX and wanting it to come out on Playstation or Nintendo? NO, I would go and get an XBOX.

        Example: I wanted to play Dead Rising - so I went and bought an X360 rather than complaining that I had no means to play it. Now I am happy that I have an X360 so I can play Alan Wake and the new Splinter Cell. See, there was an additional effect for me getting the machine.

        Its not like consoles are ridiculously expensive. Less than $400 for a 360, under $500 for a PS3 - even less if you buy one second hand.

        Then again, I am a idiot and a moron, (and apparently a fanboy) - What do I know?

      Who's your 3d modelling tutor? which part of aus is he in?

      I hope this game isn't like a GTA or godfather spin off, I hope there's some actually detective puzzle solving you have to do, that would be awesome

    seinfeld reference, nice :)

      I've watched the entire series of Seinfeld about 6 or 7 times, and I didn't get the seinfeld reference. Please put me out of my misery and explain.

    I predict this will be better than Heavy Rain. Don't get me wrong, I am hyped about Heavy Rain. But I think LA Noir will have a great story, beautiful open world, nice gameplay mechanics and incredible graphics and animation.

    This has been on my maybe pile for a long time, it looks good... but I swear I've seen other screens, how can these be the first?

      What you probably saw was the trailer which was actually outsourced to an animation company and none of it was done by Team Bondi themselves, thus not really showing anything "final" or "in game".

      So that's why the tag includes "Are Real" perhaps?

      Screens look ok, I'm not expecting a ton given Team Bondi's reputation. I always live to be surprised though.

    It would be funny if this game gets RC'd

    For some reason I was under the impression this game was going to be in black and white. I'm kind of disappointed...

    Oh dear, looks like Mafia 2 may have a contender for my shelf space!

    .... Who am I kidding, I know I'll buy them both anyway.

    I have friends that are working on this... but I'm on the "it'll be crap / so-so" side of the argument. In my experience, projects that have gone on as long as this one have a heightened chance of sucking for every extra they go for.

    They should have done more to promote this game. You'd think Rockstar would have the money to throw Team Bondis way. It's a shame the hasn't been press news on this for over 1-2 years.

    They're real...and they're spectacular!

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