First Screens From Assassin's Creed II's Bonfire Of The Vanities

Ubisoft's Christophe Grandjean is giving Twitpic a workout this morning, Twittering the first two screenshots of Assassin's Creed II's second dose of downloadable content, Bonfire of the Vanities.

Ezio faces off against the mad monk Saconarola in the top screen, while surveying some of the new area in Florence he'll be unlocking once the new DLC is made available for purchase. Perhaps he's preparing to use his spring jump, a new move introduced in sequence 13. Hopefully Ubisoft explains why we get a new move in an expansion that takes place before the ending of the main game, where said move wasn't available. I bet it ends with a severe blow to the head.


    Second lot of DLC, Still no PC release. gonna be a lot of Downloading and playing on Release day....

    id toatally get this but thanks to 2 disc effect 2 and my crappy 20 GB HDD i cnt spare any space (without deleteing ME2)

      Know that feeling - can't get the Assassin's Creeds content or the Forza 3 content because my hard drive is full and don't have anything left I want to delete! Typical M$.

    There is a simple solution guys. Do what I did and buy a bigger disk! there are still a few 120gb about and the new 250 gb should be out soon, if not already. Then you can have dlc galore!

    Is it true that Bonfire Of The Vanities also contains the three "exclusive" mission only available with the Black Edition?

    I downloaded the first DLC on my PS3 and it doesn't even work have tried many things to fix it....Frustrating as hell.

    i didn't get the last one because apparently it sucked and only went for an hour.

    i hope this one is better, but i'm skeptical of any DLC by Ubisoft.

      actually the way the whole AC2 DLC panned out sucks. It's obviously paying for stuff that was in the game and was just yanked out for extra dosh.

      I ain't gettin it.

        Your also referencing at least 80% minimum of DLC for other games aswell.

        But, if you have the money, why not buy it?

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