First Screens Of Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing", New Weapons

Valve released new details on the first downloadable add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 today at Microsoft's X10 event, explaining how "The Passing" will handle the meet up with the original Left 4 Dead survivors. Now, let's have some media.

These 10 new screens of the new episode, coming to the PC and Xbox 360 in "late March", show off the new "Savannah-esque" coastal town setting and the new Fallen Survivor infected. He's the unlucky undead wearing the bucket hat, bandoleer and Molotov cocktail in some of these shots.

You'll also get a peek at what appears to be a new machine gun and the new Black Tie common zombie.


    Those screens look awesome! Shaping up to be a pretty tight DLC

      do you think they look extra awsome because of the blood?

      i wish my l4d2 had blood...

        i have an english copy :D

    The M60 LMG is going to bring alot of tears in versus, but then who actually plays versus in L4D2?

      Versus is the best way to play.. love being a 'Special Infected'

    Just looks like the game really... so I guess thats a good thing.

    While the screenshots are nice, uh, I believe you mentioned they said how the survivors are meeting up? Care to elaborate? :)

    "the new Fallen Survivor Infected"

    Well he's not really a survivor if he's infected, is he?

    Something to think about.

      Hence the "Fallen"

    Oh great you didn't post that really aweful looking post which I can only assume is fake due to Rochelle looking like Nelson Mandela (more so I mean), Nick's hair is slicked back and Coach can only be discribed as "poorly cutout".

    Oh yeah forgot to add this to my first post, the fall survivor used to be ingame he would drop a molotov or I think (not entirely 100%) he had a chance to have a medkit, a chance for one or the other or in some cases both, it doesn't look like he drops anything anymore, looks like he is still alive after heavy damage though, so maybe he's got some other catch.

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