Five More Screens Show Off The Show

Five new MLB 10 The Show screens sent our way from Sony highlight some of the special animations for this year's game, including a bang-bang play at second and an attempt to throw out a would-be base thief.

That view of cover man Joe Mauer throwing down to second isn't from Road to the Show (because it's Mauer, not you), but it's a good reminder that this year's simulation will have your created catcher calling pitches. That means the career events won't be so telegraphed (fast forwarding to your team in the field usually meant a foul popup or a stealing attempt.)

As for that shot of Ben Francisco flipping Robinson Cano, looks like that's a message that The Show doesn't do too badly with its player collisions, either.

MLB 10 The Show shows up March 2.


    I'd like to order one cricket game that looks that good, please.

      I'd second that please.

      yeah, i agree.. thats why i bought MLB09 last year and it was a very impressive game all round and will probally buy MLB10 until someone decents that want to make a good cricket game...

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