Flotilla, For All The Homeworld Fans Out There

Tired of waiting for Relic to release another Homeworld game? Try waiting for the release of Flotilla instead.

An upcoming strategy title by indie outfit Blendo Games, Flotilla will look familiar to anyone who's played 1999 game Homeworld, as its action takes place using an interface that's very similar to that used in Relic's classic PC space fleet simulator.

Difference here is that Flotilla (bound for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade) is quasi-turn-based, features a randomly-generated singleplayer campaign, has split-screen multiplayer, and a cast of "aliens" that includes space pandas, space chickens and space toucans.

Flotilla [Blendo, via TIGS]


    Ugh, Microsoft have got to pull their fingers out and get us the damned indie games here. This actually looks like it has potential to not suck!

      It's coming to Xbox Live Arcade, apparently, not the Xbox Indie Games channel.

    You had me at space toucans.

    This sounds pretty awesome, but couldn't you potentially just keep manouvering down and strafing to avoid taking hits in the weak sections?

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