Force Unleashed: Seven Million Served

Sure, it wasn't the greatest of Star Wars games, but The Force Unleashed didn't suck. Which in terms of recent Star Wars releases, made it special. So special it's sold a ton.

Lucasarts announced today that since going on sale almost 18 months ago, the game has sold over seven million units worldwide.

I only really got into the game last month, when I picked it up at a post-Christmas sale. It's fun for the most part, but seven million is a job well done for a game with controls like that, even with a Star Wars logo on the box.

[via Industrygamers]


    It needs some improvements (remove the frustrating cameras, some times unresponsive controls and fix the framerate issues (I play a lot of new games with high resolutions and full graphics and they at least have a consistant frame rate!).

    Yeah it was pretty fun despite its flaws. I think they needed to play to its strengths a little better. The most infuriating thing for me about it was the endings. Regardless if you choose the light side or dark side ending, either way you end up being a nice guy. Even the dark side ending. Why can't you just be an evil SOB.

    It was a pretty damn good game in my opinion. Whilst the story was pretty average as far as Star Wars Extended Universe goes, the Force control (especially the Grip ability) was awesome. Disappointing that the lightsabre was unable to dismember enemies...

    If they combined some of the Force powers from Force Unleashed with the lightsabre combat of Jedi Outcast / Jedi Academy, with some better story writing (maybe get Timothy Zahn of Michael Stackpole to write the script), they could make a fantastic Star Wars game.

    Also, I'd like a new X-wing - Tie Fighter game. Please?

      Tie Fighter FTW

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