Forza 3 Sells 2 Million, Celebrates With New Track DLC

To celebrate the fact the game has now sold over two million copies, Microsoft and Turn 10 today announced a new range of downloadable content for Forza 3, focusing on the world's most iconic race track, the Nürburgring.

What some may know as one of the greatest race courses in the world, others may simply know as that course some German woman drove down in a van. Whichever it is, the Nürburgring is loads of fun to drive racing along it in PGR4 in the snow is probably my ultimate driving game moment), so it's nice seeing it included in the game.

There will be two "tracks" included in the DLC: the full thing, and for pussies or those short on time, a shortened sprint circuit. It's available right now, and is going for 400MSP.


    i thought it was already included....

    I'm pretty sure that Sabine ('the woman in the van') drove the Nordschleiffe on Top Gear, not the F1 circuit.

    Would have been a better "celebration" if it were FREE DLC... Let's celebrate selling 2 million copies of our game by releasing some paid DLC at the regularly scheduled release time... *activating flame shields*

    @Scott: Yeah I thought that this track was already in the game, I believe it's the longest track at about 20.34k's, Someone correct us if were wrong.

      Originally Nurburg had four tracks, 28km Gesamtstrecke, 23km Nordschleife, 8km Sudchleife and the 2km Betonschleife.

      These days the while the Nordschleife is used for racing, testing and public access, the Betonschleife (recreated as the GP-Strecke) is used for all major and international race meetings.

      Forza 3 came with the 23km Nordschleife, this DLC is the GP-Strecke.


        Ema is right. Forza 3 shipped with the Nordschleife (as did Forza 1 and Forza 2). The DLC is the GP track, which is used for Formula 1. The track where Mark Webber won his first ever grand prix last year.

        From what I've heard, in the game there is no link between the GP track and Nordschleife like there is in real life, as used for the 24hour race. Seems weird that that Turn 10 would leave that out, considering it's only like an extra 20m of track.

        Also, the picture attached to this post shows an out of date GP track layout, the current layout has a hairpin at the end of the pit straight, rather than a right-left turn as shown in the picture.

    It's a pity Gran Turismo will outsell it probably first wee, if not first month.

    Forza really does deserve a lot more credit. I mean, they do get their games out on time for starters.

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