Free Copies Of Red Faction For Every* Darksiders Owner

Even if Darksiders owners didn't have that special "mystery" coupon that was previously required to secure a free copy of Red Faction Guerrilla, they can still snag a complementary copy of THQ's Martian shooter. There is, of course, an asterisk.

THQ and Vigil are opening up the free copy of Red Faction Guerrilla floodgates to anyone who purchased a new copy of Darksiders. It also requires sending in your Darksiders UPC code, your original purchase receipt and some shipping and handling cash. But, hey, free-ish Red Faction!

Oh, one more asterisk. The offer is only available to US residents. And make it snappy. You have until March 7 to get this all done. Additional details at the Darksiders blog.

The Codeless are Not Forgotten [Darksiders blog]


    Woooo US only

    So its free but it costs you money and is very restricted?

    And you had to keep your reciept from how long ago?

    I assume a few people do that, but not all of 'em. Poor buggers.

    "Only available to US residents".

    Such contempt for the rest of us. Especially considering we paid more.

    We pay more for the luxury of not having to admit we are American ;)

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