"Free" Copies Of Red Faction For Early Darksiders Buyers In US

If you were among the first people to pick up THQ's Darksiders, you will have noticed a coupon inside the box, with a code on it and instructions to hang onto it. Hope you did.

Because the publisher finally got around to finding a use for them today, announcing that those who still have a coupon in their possession can redeem the code for a "digital Hellbook disc featuring Darksiders art, videos and other awesome stuff" and, better, a "free" copy of the awesome Red Faction: Guerilla.

It's not even a digital copy; you'll get a box and everything. Course, it's not 100$ free, as you'll need to pay $US5 postage, but still, $US5 for Red Faction is a steal.

One disclaimer, however: it's available to US residents only, and you need to redeem it by March 7.

The Mystery Code Revealed! [THQ]


    Of course it's US only. God damned Americans.

    Damn you Kotaku! You got my hopes up, only to crush them with your 'US residents only' disclaimer.

      read the title next time then?

    Yeah I'm surprised the Halo Reach beta isn't "US ONLY". Everything else is!

    Wow it's "not 100$ free"?

    Good how we pay a heap more for games also and get stiffed

    Yeah this sure was a *good* thing to show to australians...

    Didn't darksider's come with a free code for an 'Avatar: The Movie: The Game' multiplayer skin?

    I dunno what people are complaining about tbh.

    God dam, I really love these types of comps. I mean dam, how hard could it be to post overseas?

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