Free Realms Celebrates Eight Million Players

Free Realms Celebrates Eight Million Players

It’s been awhile since we checked in with the player population of the free-to-play, family-friendly MMO Free Realms, and Sony Online Entertainment snuck in more than five million additional users while we weren’t looking.

When last we checked, way back in June of last year, Free Realms had just surpassed the three-million player mark. If you recall (or know how to click a link), I said we’d check back in when they reached ten million. Apparently I lied.

So how does a kid friendly game gather eight million-plus players? According to Sony Online Entertainment, it’s all about listening to the players and giving them what they want.

“Free Realms is more than just a virtual world for our players; it is a portal for imagination. A place where players transform their house into a jumping maze for friends to compete or a petting zoo that boasts all their pets,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “Our job as developers is to listen to and predict what they want and give them the tools that inspire and compel them to share their experiences with eight million others.”

I’d say it also has a lot to do with being free. Free is nice.

You can join the eight million plus players right now, by visiting the official Free Realms website.

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