Game & Watch Reborn As Keychain

In the early 1980s, Nintendo began releasing a series of handhelds. They were created by Gunpei Yokoi, who would go on to create the Game Boy. And now they are keychains!

Japanese toymaker TakaraTomy is releasing solar powered Game & Watch keychains. Since they are keychains, they are smaller than actual Game & Watch. The sad thing? They are not playable (the screen is a dummy screen), but they have an alarm and a clock in them.

The Game & Watch keychains will be out this March for about $US11.

Tomy Game and Watch keychains live up the nostalgia [Newlaunches]


    Not playable? Who wants that!

    I have one of those little Donkey Kong keys chains from a few years ago and it is playable, albeit not as cool looking as the non playable one.

      yeah i don't really see the point? surely they can make it playable.

      they should just call these Nintendo Alarm and Watch keychains

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