Get Titan Quest Gold For Copper Prices

While waiting for Blizzard to get Diablo III done, why not play the capable clone Titan Quest on the cheap, now just $US4.99, including the Immortal Throne expansion, on Steam. Iron Lore would've wanted it that way. [Steam]


    This game was fun, but it runs so sluggish on my comp even on low setting... Still haven't been able to find out why it does that :S

    I have to say that the game lacks charms though. Torchlight is way better as a clone that TQ is IMO.

    haha for once aussies get a better deal it seems?

    only $3.74US on the Aus steam store :) great value!

      theres the Aus store link btw... the US one won't work for aussies

    Great game.
    There is no reason for one not to buy it if you like this type of game. It just misses out on the story side of things.

    The leveling system is great, the combat is great, the graphics are still nice and the music and magical effects look and sound very nice.

    Lies... it's not $4.99, it's 14.99 and if you want both the original game and expansion together, which come together in the Gold release... then either way you won't find it cheaper than $20.

    It's bullcrap, because it doesn't even install. You pop the disk in to install it, and guess what? It says click install, you do that, but then the installer freezes, it does NOTHING.

    So I dunno how anybody ever played this game if it won't install. It's garbage.

    Try to get on Steam and it doesn't work right either. Waste of freakin' money. Go download and hack Torchlight instead, atleast THAT works.

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