Get Your Superior Heavy Rain Box Art Here

How far would you go to improve the box art of the game that you love? If that game is the newly released Heavy Rain, fortunately, you don't have to go too far to upgrade it.

As promised Sony Computer Entertainment America has offered purchasers of today's release a more pleasing, less tank top-highlighting Heavy Rain box art option for download. The current version, terribly Americanised but thankfully not Japanised, can be swapped with the art provided by Sony.

Impress your friend with your superior taste in the finest of European box arts by downloading and printing the massive file from Flickr, one more helpful distraction during the game's hard drive installation.

Heavy Rain Alternate Cover [Flickr]


    oh right, last I remembered, everyone has an industry standard printer at home for doing high quality gloss prints. <_< i was hoping sony would send it over or something

      U dont need an indstry standard printer. Simple Epson printer i have at home using high quality paper does the trick for my DVD's and games

        Have a big need to print out covers to games and DVD's you already own mat?

          Yes. The custom dvd and video game cover market is larger than you'd think. Not surprising when retail dvd and video game covers are, 9 times out of 10, insultingly disgusting.

    This is what all companies should do if there is diffrent versions of the Box Art

      They should do what Madman do with the covers of Studio Ghibli DVDs (and maybe others - I've only bought the Studio Ghibli ones) - make it reversible. You've got the Localized version which is the "standard" cover, but you can just slide it out of the cover, turn it around and put it back in and bingo - you've got the Japanese cover.

    They could have at least used an uncompressed image format. Good on Sony for doing it though. Some of the box art that we end up with is absolutely atrocious and the only ways to change it are to make your own or download someone else's often worse, poor quality image.

      I was thinking the same thing, a PDF with CMYK separations version would have been nice as well, but major props for providing what they have.

      Though we don't really need to worry, this is our default cover :)

    Wow, I really don't spend so much time looking at the boxart as I do, say, actually playing the game.

    box art is a very intimate thing ... you look at it ... it shows you surprises then you look back at it and you think ... I LOVE YOU ... I mean uhhh what?

    Its quite pathetic that people go on and on about it. Okay your version of the game has a real fugly box art. So what - you play the game by a DISC not a piece of paper.

    And i would say majority of gamers hold their games on a DVD stand. Which 99% of those DVD stands hold them on their side, which means you see the SPINE of the Game or DVD not the COVER. Which therefore means you should be judging what the SPINE looks like.

    That image is insultingly small. Would it kill them to release a 1:1 scale cover?

      Did you go to the link?

        and then click 'original'... or I should have given you this link to begin with...

    Box Art is in the Eye of the Box Holder.

    Does anyone know why "RAIN" is written in italics but "HEAVY" isn't?

    I don't know if I'll buy it or not but if there was some clever reason why it is in italics then I'll buy it. If only to reward the person whose job it was to choose the format of the title.

    So someone please tell me!

    For all the Australians commenting, this IS the Box Art we'll see. This article's for the Americans who have as their box art. I should have guessed image tags don't work in comments.

    I wonder why they didn't keep the nice title font from the European/Australian release?

    I'm sure I'll get over it pretty quick.

    I spend my time playing the game and not worrying about what the cover looks like.

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