God Of War III Is Installation-Free

Your inevitable purchase of God Of War III won't inflict massive damage on your available hard drive space. The highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive will be one of the console's games that doesn't require a hard-drive install.

So says Christer Ericson, director of technology at Sony Santa Monica, a person in position to know. As Ericson points out on Twitter (via MTV Multiplayer), a mere 5MB worth of space will be required for your game save, the rest of your gigabytes free to remain unwritten. That's pretty exciting news for those of us who hate to wait and already have a year's supply of sandwiches made.

Combine that with the game's streaming loading and seconds long wait from title screen to action and God Of War III may be the year's most efficient PlayStation 3 game.


    Hmmm. The developers found an efficient way to harness the memory in PS3. Yay, a win for all!

    March 18th won't come fast enough.

    COnsole games should never beed to be installed IMO


    if the demo is anything to account for the load times are gonna be fucking horrendous

    I’ve recently come into some new PS3 games (thanks to Kotaku). And I’ve had to start deleting the older game data I had on my ps3. Just recently I’ve deleted MGS4 (4.5 gigs), Far cry 2 (3.5 gigs) and a few others. I hate installs it’s such a slap in the face to buy a game pop it in, wait to download an update, then wait to have the game install, and even then you still have some loading times. I don’t understand why the developers don’t utilize all the space on a Blu-ray disk. I heard some game a while ago wanted to put all the game data on the ps3 dvd 3 times over to get it to load faster. That seems like a great idea that went nowhere, but surely people should be thinking of ways to stop having these huge installs.

    Well, GoW 1 & 2 effectively didn't have load times once the game started, that was something almost unique to them back in the PS2 days.

    I'm more than happy to install to my HDD if it cuts loading times (Bayonetta post-patch is a prime example). If the developers have been clever and have made a game which has no loading time in-game but also no installation, I take my hat off to them. If they've bowed to the whiners who bitch about installing a game before playing it (once only, I might add) but it's at the cost of in-game loading time, then...my hat stays firmly on.

    I do have a PS3 but i've never understood WHY games need to be installed onto the hard drive... and is it the WHOLE game like you do for a 360.

    The 360 install makes sense - it helps your ears but its optional. As far as i'm aware, the PS3 has always had this feature and is mandatory for those games that require it.

    But i've never understood WHY its mandatory. Like a lot of people say, it really is a slap in your face. Especially considering the size of the hard drives the PS3 was launched with. AND if majority of games require an install, even a 120GB sometimes isn't enough.

    Sony really need to release a mega PS3 - like 500GB - cause with a year 10 life span and all and some people don't like to delete games only to play them again. Is it because of BluRay or what?? I remember reading how someone said BluRay discs are read at a lower speed or something than DVDs but they do hold more data obviously - is this a reason for HDD installation?

      Buy a 500gb SATA notebook dirve for $100. Pop it in and you've got a "Mega PS3". Seems cheaper and easier than releasing a new console...

    I like installing games on my 360 and I hope more things like that creep over from PC's (except upgradeable internal hardware). Devs shouldn't have to reduce the technical complexity of console games in order to get them running smoothly off Blu-Ray/DVD's. PC gamers have always had to install their games, why is it such a big deal for console gamers?

    Admittedly, hard drive space is an issue, but I doubt that will be a problem next-gen.

      Well most console gamers are console gamers to avoid all the crap that came with pc gaming.

    That's great if it requires no install and no loading. However, if bugs start coming up, freezes, crashes etc because of no install, it's really annoying. I'd prefer 30 minutes of installing than long loading screens and bugs that ruin the experience. Don't get TOO excited though, they said that Uncharted 2 didn't require an install, but the first time you pop in the disk it's loading for 15 minutes or something.

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