Gran Turismo Series: 55 Million Sold And Counting

Gran Turismo Series: 55 Million Sold And Counting

Gran Turismo developers Popyphony Digital have released a tally of lifetime sales figures for the series, useful not only for armchair statisticians, but also those curious as to how well Gran Turismo PSP has performed.

Turns out it’s done quite well for itself, selling 1.8 million copies since being released last year. Which is great for a PSP title not called “Monster Hunter”, but the real scale from the numbers comes from the series’ overall performance.

Get a look at those overall sales. Sure, there was a significant drop-off between GT3 & GT4, but regardless, 55 million games sold is nothing to snort at.

Gran Turismo Series Software Title List [Sony, via VG247]


  • I think the only thing GT PSP has going for it is that it has the Veyron in it. Seriously it was enjoyable until the point you have all the good cars in your garage.

    I think GT5 will be a good seller for both Sony/ PS3 and Polyphony Digital.

    • Personally, GT PSP held me for 15 minutes. No car dealers.. No customisation.. No sense of achievement outside of the liscence tests. Pretty pathetic after waiting FOUR HOURS for it to download.

      I don’t want a casual racer, I want GT.

      • While I appreciate the game doesn’t suite everyone, I still found it to be excellent. I don’t play sim racers for the sense of achievement or careers, rather for the love of cars and driving, each of the thousands of cars has a detailed history and handles differently on the road.
        The driver AI is lacking but what the game strived to be, the core of a GT game, it did well.

  • And people are writing it off as going to bomb because of all the delays.

    The official release was expected long ago – so even WHEN the Prologue was released, it was released AFTER fans had expected the full version.

    And yet the Prologue has sold over 4 million and become one of, if not, the top seller on the PS3. Bearing in mind that GT4 wasn’t in the hell that GT5 is in and there were more PS2’s around at that time, but GT5 is definitely going to double Prologues sales. With all the bundles SONY will be shoving down out throats, its inevitable that its going to be successful and become the flagship title of the PS3.

  • GT psp was my main game last year..

    i played it for about a month and a half..

    I had only played GT2 before so GT psp was really like my first experence with GT3/4 sistems/tracks

    Its a great game but lack of infostructure online killed it..

    Look at Mario Kart DS its infostructure makes it one of the most loved mario karts..

    Seems like sony thinks adhoc party can save the PSP and the PS3.. but realy it cant.. if Peace Walker lacks infostructure (which from what i have read so far it doesnt have).. then why will any one in the west! play it over MGS portable ops which does have infostructure.!!!

    The online gaming space is crazie for sony atm..

    They have a japanse audence that doesnt understand how to operate online and only can handle Pokemon style multiplayer…

    They have a internation audence that wants infostructure but gets eather a horible experence or no suport!!..

    Sony teach japan to play online pleeease

  • It’s kind of interesting, GT3 A-Spec was one of their most technicaly complicated GTs to date and it is also the highest selling. It appears the more ‘mainstream’ they have tried to make it the worse it sells.

    Sadly GT5p is extremely dummed down and I really hope it isn’t a reflection of what we see in GT5. You don’t mod a car by making a slider bar go right, that just isn’t GT.

    I agree with MW, there is no sense of achievement in it. Give us something to work for!

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