Grow Up Collects 16,055 R18+ Submissions

Grow Up Collects 16,055 R18+ Submissions

Grow Up Australia, the group who worked with EB Games to promote R18+ reform for video games, has announced they collected 16,055 submissions for the Attorney-General’s Department discussion.

With an online form available to make submissions simple, and their partnership that put R18+ information into every EB Games store in the country, Grow Up Australia is set to deliver a great additional set of comments to the debate.

Aaron John Percival, one of Grow Up Australia’s founders, said 99% of submissions through their website were in favour of adding R18+. Most submissions were received during the partnership with EB Games.

Sunday is the deadline, folks. Get in while the getting’s good.


    • They can take our land… but they will never take our freedom
      **Read as Mel Gibson on the back of a horse with a blue face!**

  • I dunno, I was planning on doing a nice well worded (but not generic) submission, but there are so fecking many of them I don’t know whether it’s worth it. It finishes on the 28th yeah?

    • If you and 10,000 other people decide it’s not worth it, then we lose another ton of comments. Weight of numbers is important. They then collate key themes in the comments so that there is also a weight of opinion and comment flavours. All very important down to each and every submission.

      • I do see your point Seamus… but 16,055 or 26,055 or 260,550 do we really think this will have any effect on Atkinsons veto?

        He won’t listen to reason, won’t recognise facts, where are the submissions of people he has labled as more dangerous than bikers going to get us?

        I truely hope I’m wrong and have made my submission anyway but…

        • Looking beyond ‘step one’, if the weight of community comment is nigh on overwhelming, then there is greater impetus to encourage our representatives to make greater changes to the system. If a one-man veto remains after massive evidence against his position, then that veto power must be removed. This is our primary opportunity to voice concern with the current system, and these comments can reach beyond a final ‘yes/no’ vote within the current Attorneys-General committee.

      • In that case, I think I will make a [slightly late] submission… I’ve been reading a lot of them, and a lot seem to be relying on quoting numbers/facts I do not like that approach… hence why I said ‘not generic’… but oh well, fingers crossed, even if we are appealing to someone to who’s head is an impenetrable fortress against conventional logic.

  • No doubt Atkinson will find a way to spin this… however, I wonder what would happen if they presented this straight to Rudd…

  • If we don’t get a R18+ rating before september (when I turn 18) I will personally hire a wave of assassins, armed with battle unicorns to take out Atkinson.


      • @ rpgplayer83: The thing about the internet is anonymity so people tend to say whatever they like and would therefore say things they don’t mean in real life and as if you believe anything online anyway and if someone were to believe a wave of battle unicorns were coming to get them they’d be the type to be straight jacketted and committed into a psychiatric ward.

        As for Atkinson, he says he doesn’t like that you get to be the ones doing the things in the games well where is the entertainment industry heading… in the past we had choose your own adventure books where you chose the actions to be taken, movies could do that but the production costs of the number of different permutation of possible choices makes it impossible – but in the format of fully rendered worlds and virtual environments without actors this is possible and it is called GAMING!!!!

  • I dont want to be cynical here but what is going to happen to all these submissions? Not unless the A-G offices have hired some poor intern to read all 16,055 submissions from Grow Up Australia and plus the countless more that was sunmitted through the A-G website but IMO some will get a quick glance but most will probably end uo in the trash. I do want the R18+ classification but i do not understand what happens after the 28th of february or how long it will take to find out if those submissions were in vain.

    • If past experience with public consultations is any guide it’ll take months for all the results to be collated then longer again for any conclusions to be drawn. If we hear anything before the next election we’ll be doing well.

      That’s not to say the submissions get ignored though – have a look at the submission form, the majority of it is organised in a “rate 1-5” format so it’s reasonable to expect yes, there’ll be some poor intern in Canberra somewhere entering all those responses into a database.

      Exactly how much credence will be given to the 250 word comments section at the end is another question: it’s hardly enough space to make a meaningful argument and if anything is going to be glossed over it’ll be that section.

  • in less than a month all south australians have a chance to vote out Labor……and when they lose Michael Atkinson will lose his position of Attorney General………vote Liberal in March…

    • Vote G4C – these days, left and right have pretty much the same agenda. They just bitch about each other in public but would do nothing different if in power.

      I don’t remember seeing the Liberals’ giving any indication they were in favour of an R18+ certificate; or even entering into the debate.

  • Not bad, but i still think we need more.
    In my experience, numbers mean a hell of a lot in politics.

    i still also think that “Gamers for Croydon” was a poor choice for a political party name.
    Weight of numbers is one thing, having the rest of the politcal parties and the uninformed public actually take you seriously is another.

    I mean, the Greens wouldn’t have got far if they were called “We love trees” or “Enviroment for the Win!”, they chose a name that closely sticks to their ideals, yet doesn’t particually alienate them from the rest of the landscape.

    IMO something along the lines of the Freedom of Choice party. Not that, but that yeah! 🙂

  • Weight of public opinion got Atkinson to change his mind on that election internet comment law requiring everybody to provide their real name and postcode. It might be able to do the same here.

    Although I guess the difference is that the election comment law issue had the full weight of the only local newspaper bearing down behind it just a couple of months before an election, which the videogames issue doesn’t have.

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