Halo: Reach Is A More Human Halo Story

Bungie has released the first ViDoc for Halo: Reach, in which the team talks retooling the engine, crafting new weapons, and creating a more human story in the Halo universe.

This video elevated Halo: Reach from just another Halo game to a new title to keep my eyes on in the coming month. I mean, sure, it's my job to keep my eyes on a new game in the Halo franchise, but there's a big difference between keeping up because you have to and keeping up because you want to.

I'm intrigued at the concept of a more human Halo story. Almost as intrigued as i am by having additional Spartans running by my side. Did you see the running?


    WOW its becoming some epic crap right there! Now i'm excited. Showing the game through gameplay and panning past particular area's of the game, makes it looks awesome.

    Screenshots - not so much.

    Theirs a problem with making a prequel thats released after the main games and for me, thats weapons. With each new game, developers try new ways of entertaining people and weapons play a big role in Halo. They can't just make all the Halo weapons downgraded and boring - they need to make them better. But its the whole "this is based before Halo 3, so how come we don't HAVE these in Halo 3"

    But that Sniper Rifle you saw as the dude slid down the rock slide looks freaking awesome. And that new rocket/grenade launcher. WOWZA. I can't wait to get back into Halo.

    Sprinting isn't something that was a necessity in the Halo games cause MC ran a bit faster than normal protagonists like in COD. But what appears to be sprint mode is very welcomed. I'm worried the sandbox type thing they're going with, will spoil the story and the flow of the game that Halo games are known for being good with - but epic battles would make up for that. I have trust in Bungie!

      Yeah this is looking pretty cool, I wouldn't worry too much about the sandbox style. I mean ODST was in some ways a sandbox when you were in the streets between the missions. Something like that I wouldn't mind, so long as it stayed interesting and it wasn't just backtracking over the same enemies like the new Wolfenstein. Also epic battles would be great. However I imagine that 1 player character, 4 spartans, 8 marines vs 30 AI was only in an empty battlefield scenario. I wonder if it can actually do that while drawing all the detailed graphics.

    That looks amazing. And what do you mean, "just another Halo title"?

    There were four hugely distinct games in a decade. Seriously, go play a level from each, then say Halo is a run of the mill FPS. If you think four games is too much, you have a screw loose... because there are so many series that *really* stagnate, like Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Prince of Persia, anything with Tom Clancy in the title... and don't get me started on EA Sports and shit like that. Then it's games like Halo that get the flack JUST because they're popular?

    Halo isn't the Twilight of games, it's more of a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. And I am aware I will probably get lynched for saying that...

      No - you're completely right. Okay yes, i'm a Halo fan.

      But it's true - the moment something becomes so popular to the fact that it can be recognized by for this instance, non-gamers, people trash it so hard.

      I like playing PS3 too, but I do prefer my Xbox. But JUST because their are Sony fanboys out there, why trash a game that you would JUMP at the first sight if they ever announced that the PlayStation was getting a port of Halo.

      I guess it all comes down to jealousy. Fair enough not everyone has to like the Halo series. I mean there are a lot of Xbox players out there who don't like it. But it's fairly stupid i guess to downgrade the series and talk it off as rubbish when critics all agree that Halo CE is one of the greatest FPS of all time. The multiplayer holds such longevity and popularity. Don't like the game fair enough, but don't try to be a hero by trashing it when it really makes you look reaaaaaaal stupid.

      4 games in a decade isn't not milking by any means!

    I have to say that even though I LOVE halo I didnt have high hopes for this game but after watching this you can really see that there going back to the roots of what made Halo the best thing since sliced bread

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