Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Starts May 3

Halo fans, make sure you have your copy of Halo 3: ODST handy in May, as Bungie and Microsoft have announced the official date you can start playing the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta.

You probably already had May - or the entire third quarter - booked, but put May 3 in your calendar as the day you'll start playing.

Microsoft expects the Halo: Reach preview is "on track to be the largest beta program of its kind on any console, is expected to see millions of participants when it begins."

Kotaku is at Microsoft's X10 right now and we might even be playing Halo: Reach.


    What's the bet it's exactly the same as Halo 3's multiplayer with new skins and maps?

    There won't be any changes to the feel or strategies employed on the battlefield.

    I love Halo but shit man.... it's getting stale.

      Its been stale for a while for me. They should have left it as a trilogy, and moved on.

      From the screens i've seen, it looks exactly the same

        Yeah, because screenshots are always the best indication man.

        Actually if you read the Game Informer article and saw the comparison screenshots you'd see the game has had quite a graphical improvement over Halo 3 and ODST and there are a few new features and elements that should make MP very different from Halo 3.

        But hey, you go and pass judgement on the tiny bit of evidence you have, that's cool.

          we're only going on what's come before and that's the same old shit, just slightly tweaked and minor graphical upgrades since halo 2. I love halo but it is getting old and they need to do something new, but I fear this aint gonna happen.

          All the other ones were the same.

      I agree 100% mate but it's the same as CoD they sell it off name only and it's safe to say there'll be yet another Halo after this.


      If it's so stale, why don't you just not buy it and stop complaining about it? Comments like these really piss me off... Halo did so much for FPS that if there was no Halo, FPS wouldn't have progressed much since the nineties. There have only been four main Halo games in TEN YEARS. It's far from stale, they were all distinct... They were not shameless cash in sequels either, it was a trilogy from the start and it is still a trilogy.

      I was saying this same thing in a comment about Fable 3, it just becomes cool to hate things that are popular... no one has any valid reasons to hate Halo. Where the people who love Halo know why the love it.

        Comments like this are what offend me. Nobody in this thread was just hating on halo for no reason. The posters clearly said that they felt it was getting stale as there had been no major changes to the multiplayer since Halo 2, there's your valid point. They are simply discussing the multiplayer not just saying that 'its stupid' like a hater or 'its the best' like a fanboy. You shouldn't get all up in arms over nothing.

        Personally I love the Halo series, but agree that multiplayer has probably gone as far as it can go. I don't think you can really improve upon ODST/Halo 3 multiplayer unless you make something really different. Otherwise it will just end up feeling the same, and I cannot imagine what new mechanics could be introduced to the game. But then I wouldn't have thought bubble shields and power drains would work so well either.

          Cheers 706. You hit the nail on the head there. I do love halo, I've even read the books and loved them, I love the whole story and everything BUT.... since playing all the halo games to death right from Halo 1 I can safely say that they need to stop flogging a dead horse. It's done its dash and it revolutionised FPS on consoles but FFS give it a rest now.

          I don't mind if they continue with the Halo brand as such, just give us something new and fresh. Not just another re-hash.

    I think it'll be like the first Halo, but online and with a new graphics engine. Something new and surprising would be nice though. Like classes or something.

    Most of my favorite xbox orig games I wish were updated with better graphics, bigger environments and _minor_ changes. When you have a fun formula, no need to mess with things tooo much and make it shit. I'm not saying I agree with a short and lazy money grab but I'm all for refinement and a good (long enough) story.

    the bad news is that its in may
    the good news is that its in may 3rd not like may 25th

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