Halo: The Mega Bloks Toys

The Master Chief posing at Toy Fair was made up of about 500,000 Mega Bloks, a representative for the company behind the Lego-like toys told me yesterday. Behind him was Iron Man. Behind that, new Halo Mega Bloks toys.

The first images below are of Master Chief and Iron Man outside the booth. The others are stills and videos of the new Halo Mega Bloks line. Enjoy.


    a little lego Master chief would have been cute. could have popped his hear right off...

    I have already been seeing these halo megabloks kits at my local department store. Bought as many different ones as i could find! been out for a few months now.

    Love the halo range, my wife got me the rocket warthog. very cool, the mini figs are cute and maybe a little bit cartoonish but the builds look fantastic when finished

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