Heavy Rain Explores Player Depression With Freezes And Glitches

Players across multiple regions are reporting technical issues with their copies of Heavy Rain, with word of out-of-sync audio, full-on freezes and unloadable auto-saves filling the official forums, giving players an ironic taste of the depression the game explores.

Despite having to download a rather substantial patch on launch day, or perhaps because of it, players in North America and Europe are experiencing glitches with Heavy Rain.

Some, like me, are lucky, only experiencing odd moments of stuttering where the audio and video don't quite sync.

Others are experiencing more severe issues. Reports of the game locking up at various points are common, and an issue with auto-saves not loading and players having to go back hours in the game to find a working restart point.

Players on the US PlayStation forums have been very vocal about their complaints, particularly in one topic simply titled "Problems with Heavy Rain!".

We've been in touch with Sony since yesterday morning regarding the issues, but have yet to receive any official response. In the meantime, Sony poster Sam Protagonist had this to say in the forums:

Hi folks, this is just to let you know that the issues reported in this thread and elsewhere are being looked into. We're currently trying to establish any common factors for people who are experiencing game freezing so if you are having trouble please be as thorough as possible with regards to your PS3 setup - are you using a launch version of the console or a brand new slim, playing in standard or high definition (I'm not suggesting that these are potential causes, just making the point)... any information you can give may help to find where the issue lies.

One word of advice we've had already is to avoid switching off your PlayStation while the game is in black screen as this may be affecting your save game. There have been a few reports of incidents where game saves have taken longer than would normally be expected - and with a black screen present it may leave the assumption that the game has crashed. In these circumstances we recommend you wait at least 5 minutes before rebooting - while it's highly unlikely a save will take this long, it's better to be safe than sorry.

While incidents of problems with the game are very low we're working to ensure that everyone gets the Heavy Rain experience they expect. As soon as there is any further information we'll update further.

So if you are having issues, head over to that forum thread and pass along your information. Hopefully it can be used to work up some kind of fix.

As for me, I'm keeping the game paused while I'm not playing, just in case.


    Yep, I got a freeze last night three scenes in with the FBI character. I needed to go to bed anyway so I didn't try and reload the game. It wasn't a black screen, it just froze. I am a little worried about the saved game now.

    I also got the out of synch audio too. I am not sure if someone can answer this or not, but is this a problem with the game or the PS3? I remember a quote late last year about uncharted using a certain percentage of the PS3's computing power, I am unsure what that percentage was but I remember there being a lot more power to be used.

    So I am hoping that the hardware isn't struggling to keep up with the game.

      i think my game froze in the same spot. was that the first body that you see at the train line. where you first play as the fbi agent?

      my game froze as i was going towards the fence near the train line. loaded up the game ok so you should be fine, hopefully

        Yeah same scene, but after I had investigated the area and was getting back in to the car it froze on me.

    Good thing I cannot afford this game *until* next month. Hopefully they will have everything patched by then.

    I had a small issue with sound, just a blip really. The only significant issue I had was in the prologue (which just screamed upcomiong disaster, everything was just too damn happy), I tried to go back up the stairs to the second floor and got stuck in the level geometry. Just needed a reload to fix and thankfully I just got a checkpoint before it and I've not seen another like it since

    I finished the game this morning and i only once did the game freeze. (in the store with the typewriter)

    for me it only seems that the parts where you control the FBU guy that is stuff.. just lost of sound and jumping. and once or twice at the loading screen it never load had to restart the game but thankfully i was able to start at that chapter.

    also at the end.. are the credits that roll up meant to be jerky?

    For the people that have finished it... how long is the game out of curiosity?

      Well, I finished it in the one sitting. Must have taken about 8 hours, I think. It's got a lot of replay value, though.

      I've also been having the sound issues, where it cuts out for a few seconds then starts again. While not a perfect fix, one way to get it working again temporarily is to just open the pause menu for a few seconds and then close it again, and you should be good for a while.

    Might not be the best idea to leave your game paused when you're not playing it Mike. Doing that caused my PS3 to freeze :P

    Ehhh i mean i just got this game along with beyond 2 souls and the last of us... in all honesty i only managed to play till he has to spin his kids round.. as soon as i chose the kid and started moving the toggle it spacked out ethan kept vanishing and ending up invisible or else where as the screen just kept spacking out while it just wouldnt do anything wtaf how am i supposed to complete this part and continue if it wont stop glitching

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