Hey Korean Kids, Let's Learn Leetspeak And Internet Slang

If you've spent any time on the internet (welcome!), then you have probably come across leetspeak and internet slang. But what is online lingo in one culture might be different in another.

None of this matters if you are still learning the standard language.

This South Korean text book is not just teaching words like "zebra", "zero" or "yak". It is teaching much more.

OMG: Oh My God

W2F: Way to Fail

STFU: Shut the Fuck Up

PWN3D: Pwned

URANOOB: You're a Noob

LMAOROTF: Laughing My Ass Off, Rolling on The Floor

There's also a :p - or a smiley face - sticking its tongue out. Good to see these South Korean students are subliminally learning important things like "STFU".

Korean ESL Textbook - OMG! [Engrish Brog]


    hahaha, that's hilarious.

    It reminds me of when I was at an izakaya (a small family-run pub) in Japan, I was wearing the thinkgeek STFU university-style tshirt. The mother who ran the izakaya asked what "STFU" meant, and my bilingual friend explained it before I could silence him... she laughed and said she already knew it, because a Japanese wrestler had a similar tshirt. International relations disaster averted...

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