Hey, Little Sister

I've been playing BioShock 2 all week, and while I'm not enjoying it as much as Mike did, I did enjoy something 2K threw in with my copy: this Little Sister figure.

Announced last year, the figure isn't too big - she only stands about as tall as my index finger - but what she lacks for in size she makes up for in detail.

As you can see in these shots, everything about the little tykes has been recreated, from her stained and tattered clothing to the creepy barnacle-like growths on her forearms.

The figure is a bit of a collector's item - only available in a limited edition pack with a Big Sister figure or with certain versions of the game's collector's edition - but as far as gaming figures go, it's right up there with the best. They even got the little milk bottle teat right.


    Those who want this in Aus: The ONLY place you can get them are with pre-orders of the 'rapture edition' at GAME. I hadn't pre-ordered, but they said they had ONE figurine left, so i got lucky :P.

    The figurines are a pre-order bonus and not part of the special edition, so just because they have the rapture edition in stock does not nesscisarily mean they have the figurines.

    Act fast!

    I got one of those :) Im keeping it boxed though. im doing alot of collectors edition pre orders for figures this year.

      Same, it will go nicely with the BioShock Big Daddy from the first BioShock...

      I also got the EB Games version... the artbook is brilliant, A4 in size and not the 'pocket' version of the Rapture Edition.

        I'm with you brother. I have both. Also like Mike Barnes I have got into the habit of collecting the figurines for some reason. Everything about Bioshock I want. I'm gonna get myself some imports of the Big sister and other big daddies from US me thinks :P

        The GAME Rapture version I got the Little Sister figure also came with the art book. Your right the art book is nice in size. Definitely not a cheap pre order bonus. I am enjoying thumbing through it.

    While it did look very cool in the box, i couldn't bare to keep her trapped in there!

    If you if you want this in australia, just wait a few months until Neca releases their Big sister/little sister pack. Its hardly a rarity.


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