Holy Cheap PC Version, Batman: Arkham Asylum!

If you've manage to hold out this long on Batman: Arkham Asylum, you've made a financially wise decision. PC gamers can get Rocksteady's fantastic Batman effort from Games For Windows On Demand for a pennies on the dollar.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is this week's On Demand deal, just $US12.49 USD or 75% off the original asking price, whatever sounds like a better deal to you. Considering the accolades Rocksteady received for their surprise hit, including a buy out from Warner Bros., that's a pretty good deal on a not too old game. Of course, you'll need to do the GFW Live Gamertag and client download thing, which could alter your opinion of the sale.

Better buy it now if you have any intentions of playing the sequel, which certainly could come to the PC as well.

Get Batman: Arkham Asylum at 75% Off! [Games For Windows - thanks, Jambes!]


    They kill of Alan Wake, and then they give us good PC deals.

    Make up your mind Micro$oft, kill PC gaming or dont.

      and seriously troll... the micro$oft thing got old about 4 years ago

        who farted and made you an authority on what you can and cant say on the internet? get over yourself

          who farted and made YOU an authority on what he can and cant say on the internet? get over yourself

            Who farted and... damn infinte loops!

            who farted and made YOU an authority on what he can and cant say on the internet? get over yourself

    Is it just me, or is GFW a big pile of steaming cow manure? I installed it, but the discount price is not available when you browse there. If I try to install it via the link you provided, it just links me over to download GFW again!

    Fail. Will try reboot..

      time zones buddy. we wont see it until ~midnight or a bit earlier

      I got the same thing - I'm wondering if it's not quite Friday enough for them yet, or something equally stupid. But I agree, Microsoft's steam equivalent is, well, nowhere near equivalent.

        Ah didn't think of that.. thanks.

        And yep, that is one buggy piece of Micro$haft software. I clicked on the Batman link and it took me to Fallout 3! Hire some more coders or something lol

    Poor attempt at funny headline
    HIOBBWDIDTDT doesnt deserve this

    Good deal though would this game be better played on PC or console? Seems more like a console style game to me.

    Looks like a sweet deal and I've been meaning to buy it for a long time. But isn't the download like 10Gb or something? That's half my badwidth for a month :(

    Eww, it's not even the Steam version. Eww.

    So it's still showing as $22.95 for me. Do I need a US account for this deal? Shouldnt be timezones because I'm pretty sure it's the weekend in the US now.

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