How Many Gigabytes Is FFXIII Xbox 360 Install?

The Xbox 360 of multi-platform role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII is shipping on three discs. For those curious as to how much space installing the game on the Xbox 360, read on.

According to website, the totally optional install for all three discs is:

• Disc 1: 5.9GB

• Disc 2: 5.8GB

• Disc 3: 6.6GB

That's a grand total of 18.3GB. In comparison the PS3 version of the game is 38GB.

Kotaku AU Note: To clarify, the PS3 version takes up 38GB on the Blu-ray disc. Don't panic, 40GB PS3 owners: it isn't a 38GB install. Also, as mentioned, the Xbox 360 install is totally optional.

Final Fantasy 13 (XIII), Whopping 18.3GB Install for Xbox 360 [Ve3tro Thanks, Steve!]


    ITS 38GB TO INSTALL FFXIII ON PS3!?!?! wtf! looks like people who have anything under an elite 360 (or hdd upgrade) are screwed.

      There wasn't any install for the Japanese version.probably comparing the install on Xbox to the actual disk size of he bluray version.

      No the 38gb is the data on disc. The 18gb on the Xbox is essentially just copying an image on your HDD, thats is of course if you choose to do so.

      What do you mean, "screwed"? Installation isn't mandatory. They are screwed, I suppose, if they wanted to install the game.

      I assume they mean that the total size of the PS3 version is 38GB, rather than it offering an install option of that size.

      This basically means that there is twice as much data being shipped with the PS3 version.

        Not necessarily "more data", but rather that the Xbox 360 has had textures and other media compressed to fit onto the discs. The PS3 is being shipped with entirely uncompressed information. Even so, the Xbox 360 version doesn't run at a HD resolution either.

        I intend to by a PS3 to play this game and Versus on if they would release a PS3 + FF13 bundle in Australia!

      I think it means the game takes up 38GB on the disc. Least i hope so. Not sure my 60GB could take it.

      No, the size of the entire PS3 game is 38 GB. It doesnt install all of it.

      They're just saying that the PS3 version takes up 38GB on the Blu-ray disc - the PS3 version actually doesn't have an install at all, according to reports such as this:

      No we're not~ We just install one disc, play that, finish it, delete. Install second disc, play that and so forth.

      Though really, we don't even need to install the discs. We only install them so the XBox doesn't overheat in such a short time (around 6 or so hours, I heard).

    Why are games being released on Blu Ray if you have to do such a huge instals? This is ridiculous. The whole reason I play consoles is to avoid huge instal times. Also, is it a compulsory install on the 360? If so, my poor 20gig HDD aint going to cut mustard, and theres no way I's buy a new HDD just so I could play a new game. Bollocks I say.

    FFXIII isn't a 38gb install on the PS3, it occupies a total of 38gb on the blu-ray disk.

    They're saying that the PS3 game is more than twice the overall size of the 360 version. I guess the PS3 must have the video clips in 1080p or something.

    Barnes do you really think that the install on ps3 is going to be 38GB?

    seeing as that wouldnt even fit on a brand new out of the box base model 40gb?


      Well arnt you a dick. Its not worded very well and after all the time its been in development and the size of the game it COULD happen although I understand it isnt now. Thanks to everyone else for the nice messages. Atleast they have manners.

        Damn thats huge.... ive only got 20gb left on my upgraded premium so im gonna pass on this. Might try it out on my friends PS3 sometime next holi.

    You don't have to install them all at once, surely? If you're struggling for space, just install disc one, and then once you finish that, install disc two.

    If you can't even do that, the 360 has the awesome feature of not having to install at all, just like the good old days.

    No they're not - you don't have to install on the X360, it's optional...

    Perfectly good FF box art ruined by americans.

    Only reason to do an install is to reduce loading times etc. Just like ME2.

    If you are like the rest of us and have a small HD (nothing to be ashamed of...cough) then it just means that we may have to wait an extra 10 seconds (I don't know!) for stuff to load up. Think of it like the elevators in ME1 :D

    @ James

    It doesn't mean there is twice as much data on the Ps3 version. it just means the data on the Xbox 360 has been compressed.

    obviously they do not need the compress the data on a blu ray disk as it is so large. 360's only have a normal dvd so the data must be compressed.

      That's not entirely true actually. There have been comparison screens between the xbox and ps3 versions and the textures on the xbox are clearly of a lower resolution. They had to cut down on something....the xbox also does not have 1080p cinematic videos.

        Depending on how much FMV there is, you might just find that all the extra space went just to the 1080p video. As far as lower quality textures, I personally couldnt tell the diffrence - if there is one then it must clearly be compression as it does effect the quality of, well, everything.

        That being said the 360's compression has always been pretty damn good.

    final fantasy is not on three disks i own it i have the walk through nether one says to switch disks at any piont in time k.

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