How Much Is Persia?

Expensive, we bet. As seen on Xbox LIVE by Killer_Walrus.


    I don't get it? Does Universal mean it is expensive or something?

      It says "*Price* of Persia". Apparently a typo on XBL warrants an article... Who knew? :-\

    i dont follow this story either?

    Look Closely...

    PRICE of Persia

    Yeah same here, it's probably something obvious.
    I'm guessing it's to do with "Big Game Commercials" but this is a movie?
    No idea.

    Fair dinkum you two are thick.

    Notice how it says PRICE instead of PRINCE

    Far out, Sorry for not getting it. I hadn't slept when I looked at it.

    I don't get how people can't get it when there are already comments explaining it. Though I kinda agree probably not really news-worthy.

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