How To Play The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo

If you're having trouble making any progress in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo, this tutorial video should help. Or you could just ignore it and keep sniping me for no reason.

Did you know the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo had goals? You did? Well if I've played it with you on the PC you could have fooled me. Most matches I've been in have consisted of both teams killing the other team over and over again in the same place - that road that everyone tries to bring the tanks down. I spent an entire round sitting on one of the objectives, and only saw one enemy player, running past it.

Perhaps I just have really bad luck? Maybe I should keep a link to this video handy, just in case.


    I had some really fast games on xbox live, seriously as attackers we would tear through the map in like 10minutes. Good squads and use of (caution, awesome game winning protip following) SELECT to mark enemies and which site to attack first!
    when you are parachuting out of the sky, spam select wildly and watch all the red dots appear.

    If you are having problems trouble with the demo maybe the full game isn't for you. I'm generally pretty average at FPS, but in this demo I kick some serious ar$e, I figure it's because it was really easy or just handles easy. I'd also say that if no one approached the objective you were camping at it was because it was a very tight round with no movement of the front line, so good defence by your side, but obviously not you, as you were camping.

    LOL, Mike keeps getting owned by snipers. XD

    But seriously if you're on attack, you know you're going to lose when 4 of your teammates are sniping from that hill. 4 snipers and not a single one knows how to use the "back" button to spot.

    Ahh snipers.
    You are not hardcore 1337 if your team looses because you do nothing but camp.

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