How To Survive In Aliens Vs Predator

I've noticed from my time playing an Alien in the Aliens Vs. Predator multiplayer demo, that many of you don't know how to block. Sega fixes that, with this helpful close combat techniques video, dammit.

I've been dominating rounds in the Aliens Vs. Predator PC demo for several days now, and now Sega wants to ruin my fun. It seems folks who choose the Colonial Marines aren't used to first-person games where a large percentage of the enemy players jump right at you, tearing into you with their claws. I've used this to my advantage since the demo was released last week, but now my fun time is over. Thanks a lot, Sega.


    I cannot wait. I reckon this will replace Halo3 as my share house's multiplayer game of choice, at least for a while.

    Blocking, and light attack countering was one of the first things i worked out as a marine. There's nothing like blocking a cocky predator as he tries to run in for a mellee kill, then filling his ugly face full of buckshot as he stumbles backwards, stunned :)

    Step 1. Select Predator.
    Step 2. Grab disc, mines, laser.
    Step 3. Sit on the rafters in main room throwing mines all around.
    Step 4. Recharge energy.
    Step 5. Camp in rafters, use laser to snipe until you run out of energy, then use disc.
    Step 6. Win server easily.

    My score as a marine went up substantially once I figured out blocking and melee. Which is good, because the last ten or so games I've played, I haven't been allowed to play as anything else.

    Light attack beats heavy attack, block beats light attack, heavy attack beats block.

    does anyone think it is stupid that some guy can block a punch made of swords?

      Maybe, if he was only using his meat flippers. They do tend to use their gun as both the shield and club, though.

      Yes, because this game is completely realistic (/Sarcasm).

    Once people cotton on to this they will perhaps be more willing to give AvP a go. I have read so many complaints from people who it completely unbalanced, but when you realise a marine can stand toe to toe in melee combat things even out.

    The predator is very strong once he collects all his weapons, but can still be countered by a sneaky alien.

    So when is the ps3 demo going to work?

    I personally find the alien to be a difficult class, just because once you're in close combat trading blows, if you get stunned for a moment the marine or predator can unleash on you with a projectile weapon, and you'll be lucky to get away or hit them before you die. Whereas going up against the alien it's relatively easy to just block the first attack and then counter with a weapon.

    This video doesn't show anything about countering trophy kills though, which I'm sure has happened to me a few times. As an alien I was picked up by a predator and as he starts lifting me up to finish me off I spammed light and heavy attack and broke out of it.

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