How To Unlock The Resident Evil "Classic" Camera

The new Resident Evil 5 downloadable content "Lost in Nightmares" is available. It features a special surprise.

As an easter egg, the game has a hidden "classic" camera angle mode from the earlier titles. Here's how to unlock it: Talk to the front door a couple of times until it says "?" instead of investigate.

"Lost in Nightmares" is the first major story DLC for Resident Evil 5. Protagonist Chris Redfield joins forces with Jill Valentine from the previous RE titles.

Thanks, Adrian!


    I still love you Jill. That Sheva, even Rebecca... they meant nothing to me. You know you will always be the Survival Horror Female Playable Character for me... (Unless Heather turns up again after all these years... She was like Elisha Cuthbert in an orange puffer vest *swoon*)

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