If You Want To Play EspGaluda II, Read This Post

That is, if you live outside of Japan. Japanese developer Cave is bringing its arcade bullet hell shooter EspGaluda II to the Xbox 360 in Limited Edition and Standard Edition. For those players living outside Japan, which should they buy?

"The Limited Edition of EspGaluda II will be region-locked to Japan because we didn't have enough time to get the application in before pressing," says Cave producer Makoto Asada. "However, we were able to make the standard edition region-free in to show our appreciation for the support we have from overseas fans."

So to review: If you do not have a Japanese Xbox 360 and want to play EspGaluda II, then get the Standard Edition. If you have a Japanese Xbox 360, get whichever you like. And if you don't have an Xbox 360, well, then head to your nearest Japanese arcade!

EspGaluda II will be released on February 25. Bundled with a two disc soundtrack, the game will be priced at ¥7329 ($92). There is a limited edition bundle with a faceplate - yours for ¥9660 ($121).


    was looking on playasia, is the standard version this one?


    not sure cause it is called "Espgaluda II Black Label"

      I have been reading stuff about this game. The last I saw I think was here. Wasn't Black Label bugged to hell?

      I am with Kaiden...are there two versions of the game?

    Wish this came out on the PSN, that place is an empty hole for my much beloved Shmups ='(.

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