Inside Xbox Channel Launches In Australia

Inside Xbox Channel Launches In Australia

The Inside Xbox channel has finally made its way onto Australian Xbox 360 consoles, as the “free daily digital magazine service” launched overnight.

It’s basically free video content delivering a mix of game previews, developer interviews, gameplay tips and quick editorials.

I had a quick look last night and saw an Offfical Xbox Magazine-sponsored BioShock 2 promo featuring creative director Jordan Thomas chatting about the sequel, an IGN-sponsored segment on getting Achievements in Mass Effect 2 and some nonsense from Major Nelson about dancing avatars.

I pinged Xbox Australia community manager Jinx to find out if they have any plans to offer locally produced content as well. She told me they don’t have anything to announce right now but “it’s something we’ll look into … right now the priority is on making sure we get Inside Xbox running smoothly and regularly for the Aussie and Kiwi gamers.”

What sort of content would you like see on Inside Xbox?

Inside Xbox Comes Down Under [InsiderX]


  • I’d like to see an announcement that we’re getting the xbox live indie games. You know, content that they might make some money off rather than fluff

    • The issue there is the law that requires all games to be rated before they can be released here. The self-policing on XNA doesn’t cut it for the OFLC. It simply wouldn’t be cost-effective for all the indie games to be rated for a release which would only get a very small number of buyers.

      • They could rate the entire indie games service as a whole using the maximum level their publishing guidelines allow.

        Also the UK has both “must be rated to be sold” law and the indie games service so I’m not sure that can be the issue

        • except that the UK has an R Rating. Over here, if they were to just max out at the highest classification, it would be banned from distribution is Australia. therein lies the issue. Fingers crossed G4C do their thing and catalyse some changes…

          • Well that’s really a moot point since you can’t release R rated games on the Indie service.

            Surely they could do what Aliasalpha says and at least just blanket the service with a M rating or something.

  • I don’t give a stuff about Inside Xbox.

    I’d like some XBL servers closer to home, that let us play online lag-free, instead of constantly routing us through the US servers.

    • The vast majority of Xbox Live games are played peer-to-peer rather than on dedicated servers. If you’re being connected to a US host then it’s typically because the game’s matchmaking isn’t up to scratch or there simply aren’t enough local players.

      • Unless it’s an EA game, in which case they use servers to provide built-in obsolescence. See the recent (yesterday) shutdown of servers for about 25 different games.

  • Saw this channel when I switched on the Xbox last night and I’m all for it. Always great to see more content on the somewhat gimped version of Xbox Live we have in Australia.

  • I think it’s a pretty good system they’ve got up so far, even though there’s a lot of fluff pieces. The tips section is pretty good to have a look through if you need some general advice.

    Definately some more Australian produced content though.

      • Difference being you have to pay for access to any Foxtel channel. You don’t have to pay to access Xbox Live content such as Inside Xbox; you only pay if you wish to purchase something or play online multiplayer.

        It would be nice if Gold members received other privileges though…

          • I’m not exactly sure what ads people are talking about? I can see info on new games, often with some video or a demo, is that advertising?

            Because if it is, all I’ve got to say is haters’ gonna hate.

  • It is about time, as a gamer that probably consumes more gaming media than actually playing games I’m all for titbits and extra insight in to the making and I guess marketing of games.

    Xbox Live is streets ahead of PSN in usability and adding free video content segments will just make it stronger.

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