IRS Plane Crash Flash Game Is Quick And Tasteless

The gentleman who created this Flash adaptation of last week's civilian divebomb attack on an IRS building says he enjoys "making stupid games in 24 hours or less." Mission accomplished.

This is "Tax Time!" based on Joe Stack, who on Thursday crashed his civilian aeroplane into a government building in Austin, Texas, housing the Internal Revenue Service. The attack killed Stark and a 67-year-old employee and injured 13 people, two of them critically. A long but, it should be noted, not rambling suicide note blamed the agency for making him do it.

There are three achievements worth 30 Gamerscore. See if you can pick them all up. Protip: When you pick up the gas can, you're not using it to fuel up the plane, which I spent a good three minutes trying to figure out at first.

IRS Pilot Inspires 8-bit Game [Game Politics]


    I find it interesting that not even Kotaku can bring themselves to call it a terrorist attack.

    Seriously, what is with "civilian divebomb attack"??

      Because it wasn't a terrorist attack. A terrorist attack is an attack, normally against civilians and without discrimination to incite fear into the people.

      This guy was just angry about taxes.

        The attack was a politically motivated act of violence against the state. Last time I checked this is the dictionary meaning of the word.

        Modern media rhetoric and U.S. foreign policy has corrupted the word into something a lot more hateful and racially profiling.

        Anyway I'm cutting myself off here, this isn't a forum for political debate.

          There's a chapter devoted to the meaning of the word "terrorism" in Steven Poole's excellent book, Unspeak. Check it out.

    The 67 year old was a Nam vet named Vernon Hunter, this was a sad act of murder and domestic terrorism. Imagine if this guy was in Aus and heard about the carbon tax, theres also a typo in this "The attack killed Stark and a 67-year-old employee and injured 13 people, two of them critically" Stack or Stark?
    The game was hilarious, especially the Toyota reference, never even heard about this attack until the game came out though.

    An old Vietnam vet that gets angry, hmmmm must have been epic beard man

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