Is Steam Coming To The Mac?

Yesterday's announced update to Valve's Steam digital distribution service came with a surprise - hints that the Half-Life developer may be planning to add Mac OS X support to the currently Windows-only platform.

Steam forum members dug through newly released files from the recently launched open beta and dug up a handful of Mac OS X-specific graphics, like the open, maximise and minimise jewel icons that are used in the operating system's windows. While that could be chalked up to Steam's change to a WebKit-based interface - Valve has moved away from a reliance on Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the service - there are a few other Mac-specific graphics buried within. That includes system dock graphics and a handful of text files.

We've reached out to Valve to see why the developer has added OS X graphics to Steam, but have not yet heard back.

Mac OS X Support! [Steam Forums]



    That'd be amazing if I could play Half Life 2, Garry's Mod and stuff like that without having to boot into Windoze. It'd also be pretty sweet if they'd port/emulate their development tools so I could map in OS X as well... I just hope I wouldn't have to re buy/re download games.

    Good in theory I guess but most games will still need windows.

      Yes, games still have to be ported to Mac OS X. A very time consuming, very expensive process, undertaken by each developer.

        or they could just package each game up with a custom version of crossover games or cedega, tweaked for that particular game. the performance would be decent.

    If it does go to Mac would Windows and Mac gamers be able to play together online? I have a friend whom got a Mac that often wants to LAN and it would be cool if we could network steam games.

    You can run steam and quite a few games already using Crossover for Games.

    I use it to run games a fair bit. It's not perfect but good enough if this steam for Mac doesn't happen

    Saturation of the viable PC market? I use a Mac and would love to see the service on Mac's, even if there are near to no games currently available for the platform...

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