It Sucks To Be An Aliens Vs Predator Marine

No amount of heavy techno music can make life better for the Colonial Marines in Aliens Vs Predator.

As an Alien player, I feel sorry for the Colonial Marines. After all, the game is called Aliens Vs Predator, not Aliens Vs Predator Vs Colonial Marines. Aside from being far too long a title, they simply aren't the stars of this show, existing as the control group in this giant, deadly experiment. One race gets stealth, one can run over walls and ceilings, and the third? Hell, we'll give him a gun and a human voice to scream with. That should do nicely.

Poor Colonial Marines. Look on the bright side! I wouldn't kill you if you weren't so damn tasty!


    Would be nice if I could find a game to play online demo to test it out... for 30mins, waiting on a game to fill!

    I'll tell you what sucks. Wasting my time and data allowance downloading the demo for the ps3.
    Have been staring at a static screen while searching for games almost 15 mins. I thought it might me my problem so I took the ps3 of wireless and wired my connection. Still nothing happening.
    Thought I might run around on my own starting a game of my own, alas, no option for doing that.

    I'm going back to mw2 until this is sorted.

    I've played quite a number of games already on PS3. Since everyone is having the same problem, I just posted my ID in a thread on GameFAQs, added a couple from the list and after getting a few games I expanded my friends list so that I'm consistently able to find games in the 'Join a friend' menu. It's annoying to have to do that, but it works.

    Marine has been my best species so far, being the easiest to grasp. I'm terrible with the melee combat.

    That's so tru, they're basically meat on a stick saying "Hey come and eat us, we'll pretend to defend ourselves with crappy bullets, but in the end you'll just stab us and rip our heads off"

    Trying to download the demo over Steam but it keeps giving up... sigh.

    I highly recommend checking out the controls before you blindly jump into MP; You will get torn up.
    Block and Melee is quite useful, if timed well. And watch your back. Keep looking, turning, moving, camping will make you an easy target - team up if you can, but don't rely on backup. Don't be afraid to use your team mate as bait. Use your flashlight sparingly; Use the motion detector, but don't rely on it- A hyper attention to detail and constantly checking every corner is much more effective to keep you alive for longer. Figure out which guns spawn where on the map, but assess if the risk to get them is worth it.
    Report alien locations by landmarks if you can.

    I would say the difficulty depends on who you're against.

      I would say the learning curve is about an hour for all 3 classes combined; And about 2-3 games will get you up to speed. Especially if you learn from your mistakes.

      My first hour, I was terrible. The first half of the second hour I was noticeably better. The last half of the second hour, I was always in the top 4 regardless of class. I find aliens most fun; Marines class will likely make you break a sweat and Predator, well, don't get over-confident.

    are you kidding? This looks like the most fun. Holding off hordes of aliens.

    PS: I've been topping the scoreboards in the demo as Marine, so you must just be playing bad player Mike

    I've heard the Marine is actually over powered. Like, if they work together and stay in one corner, a lucky Alien could probably kill one before getting killed itself.

    Anyway, playing as the Alien is great fun, especially if you team up with the other Aliens. Destroy all the lights and the Marine and Predator players will instantly become paranoid (and start working together me and my three friends witnessed). It's great, especially the vocal responses you hear when you sneak up behind them, or swarm a lone player.

    As a general rule, I'm not prone to bursts of "1337speak" when I comment on the internet; however, I wholeheartedly agree with some of the comments on here regarding the learning curve to playing as a marine and the general tone of the op-ed piece as an ode to many an eviscerated player character. Not being much of a shooter player in general didn't help as I played my 1st match as a marine against, I believe it was 3 Aliens and 2 Predators. Needless to say, I was bloody well pulverised, the only way to describe it would be "OMGWTFBBQ PWN3dzoaR N008!!!1".

    It was fun though, as a whole I like playing as the marine, atmospherically it's extremely thrilling being the underdog where every shadow could be concealing a xenomorph who's looking to pull my vital organs out through my nostrils

    Have had no trouble playing as a marine at all, really gives you the feeling that you are being hunted. The other classes definately get the style points, but playing as a marine aint that hard

    Lol, yes they are physically the weakest race, BUT with that said, they can block alien & predator light swings, and interrupt heavy swings by hitting back, and in my experience, its the easiest class in the game to play in multiplayer, sure they are pretty vulnerable, but they have the heaviest firepower (predator plasma gun isnt counted as heavy because of the long aiming & firing time)

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