iTunes Application Explicit Option Comes, Then Goes

Apple cracked down on titillating apps with a Victorian laundry list of no-nos. Then, it seems, Apple created a new "Explicit" category in the Application Store. Then it vanished!

The new "Explicit" category didn't show up in the App Store per se, but a developer spotted the new section in the submission software.

But hours later, the developer then noted that the "Explicit" category submission had disappeared. Poof! Gizmodo reports that the developer spoke to Apple, who confirmed the removal. According to the developer, Apple said that, while they are thinking about it, "it's not going to happen anytime soon".

Meanwhile, the Sports Illustrated app remains in the iTunes App Store. Funny, that.

Apple Removes Explicit Option From iTunes [Gizmodo]


    and playboy apparently

    and 'Cosmo's Sex Position of the Day'

    As usual, Apple's approach is both ham-fisted and inconsistent...


    Maybe they can spend less time on non-issues such as these, and more time into fixing the damn issue where their update bricks users legitimate (non-jailbroken) iPods!

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