Jay Electronica Made This Track With Beaterator

Just in case you forgot how amazingly versatile Rockstar's Beaterator is, the developer passed us a clip created by unconventional rapper and producer Jay Electronica to remind you.

Beaterator is the PSP and iPhone music creation software from Rockstar that was said to be so easy that even a 12-year-old could produce good music in mere moments. Let's see what a professional producer can do.

From Rockstar's announcement:

"Today we're proud to present a previously unreleased Beaterator produced track by enigmatic artist Jay Electronica. Fresh from creating his groundbreaking track "Exhibit C," Jay stopped by the Rockstar Beaterator House of Hype Lounge at the MTV Video Music Awards late last year to try out Beaterator for PSP. Created in mere minutes, his original track features a hypnotizing bass line and an innovative electric crescendo."

Interesting. I wouldn't say it's Mr. Electronica's best work, but given the tools he had to work with, certainly passable. I still like the 12-year-olds' stuff better, but Jay tried his best.


    That is a terrible song. It's not hypnotizing and innovative, but droning and dull.

    It actually does sounds like someone took "mere minuets" to make.

    Not nearly as good as the stuff posted on youtube or the rockstar social club.

    That is... awful...

    Seriously, that somehow left a really bad taste in my mouth.

    Just Blaze did Exhibit C, sorry to nitpick.

    The drum pattern is great, the alarm sound is hilariously bad.

    wow, as a guy who produces hip-hop beats, i actually thought beaterator might be capable of some decent stuff, in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing (ie, someone who has used a proper DAW setup). if this is supposed to show off what you can do with it... damn.

    Can anyone say 'repetituous'? He took a minute to make that?!?!...Sounds like a 10 second song and someones jammed the repeat button

    "his original track features a hypnotizing bass line and an innovative electric crescendo.”

    should read

    "His track features only: one bass line, an irritating and repetitive drum track and a whiny alarm sounding noise."

    I didn't notice any crescendo... More importantly any innovation, for that matter.

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