Just How Big Is God Of War III?

There's no denying it. Upcoming PS3 exclusive God of War III is a big game. But how big is big?

"35Gb of goodness," tweeted Sony Santa Monica Director of Technology Tim Moss. "Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays." Dual Layer Blu-ray discs started shipping in 2006 and can hold up to 50GB.

For comparison's sake, Ratchet and Clank Future was around 22GB, while Metal Gear Solid 4 was too big for the 50GB Blu-ray disc. God of War III is somewhere in the middle.

Disc space can change depending on, say, whether or not the cutscenes are rendered in game or whether or not they are pre-rendered. Because it's not how many GB your game has, but how your game uses them. (And whether or not they can do that figure 8 move with their hips.)

Twitter / Tim Moss: #GOW3 35Gb of goodness. Th ... [Twitter via The Lost Gamer]


    Probably as big as Optus's advertising budget on this site.

    It's actually pretty sad, I'm sick of seeing gaming sites that have sold out. The least you could do is advertise a game, not a fucking phone on 6 different fucking ads.

      If we didn't have ads, Phill, there would be no site to read.

        And without AdBlock Plus, we wouldn't be able to read the site.

        VE3D, Shacknews, Bluesnews, and even Gamespot seem to have no problem, they contain no overly invasive ads, not to the extent of the Optus one. There's a difference between using ads to make some cash and completely selling out.

        Yes, there is.

          At Shacknews earlier I was told I had won a prize for being the lucky 14 millionth person to visit the site. If I'd just clicked on that banner I'd surely have been rich beyond imagining...

          Simple solution is don't come on the site, there is no escape from advertising these days so you just got to get with the times and like David said if there were no ads then there would be no site.

      When they are just the ads on the white background they are fine, but sometimes the entire background is this eye-watering yellow, and while it is annoying,as David said you need ads to keep sites like this up, I love reading Kotaku so ads will have to stay :)

      1. Firefox
      2. Adblock Plus
      3. ???
      4. Profit

      To be honest it's jsut repetive having the same ad 3 different times on a single page.

      But hey, it's how I found my new phone plan :D

      While it may piss you off Kotaku actually have fewer ads than most gaming sites, at least we aren’t being bombarded with ads we have to skip about buying a premium account to let us use the forums.


    Firefox + Adblocker plus addon = Problem solved

    Not one comment about the game...

    Oh well, screw you babies, God of War III is gonna kick ass - Got my Trilogy edition pre ordered from FishPond, thanks to whoever linked it ages ago


      No problem, i linked it ages ago, its gonna be legen...wait for it... dary

        Man, I love How I Met Your Mother.
        Great, great show.
        As for the ads, they're as annoying as you make them. I notice them, of course, especially when they're the full page ones. But I don't let them get to me.
        Overall, if you sit there sitting and staring at them, of course they're gonna annoy you.

        As for God of War 3, cannot wait.

    Accept the ads or move on.

    I'm utterly stoked and can't wait for GoW3. Mate bought me a pre-order of the CE for my B'Day, so I'm doubly excited (and have awesome mates). I've played the demo though 3-4 times now and still find myself enjoying it.. Scary it needs this much disc space though!

      just how long does it take to arrive at destination exactly, like when can i expet to see my copy. because im not sure if i can hold out knowing it is out already haha

    I would personally like to point out this isnt news so much as hype.

    I dont really care how big the game is, they could make it 100gb if they wanted, just by adding in a bunch of uneccesary crap encrypted badly.

    Also, its a disc being talked about here. One SONY MADE, of course they think its boss.
    Im not going to thank their heavens till they release something truly innovative, unable to be scratched, and which allows me to back up.

    Until then, it might as well just be on 40 old skoolz CDROMS.
    Screw you playstation! Screw you for trying to make hype out of a piece of silicone!

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