Kitase: FFVII Remake Only Possible If It Can Be Done In A Year

Final Fantasy XIII releases in less than three weeks, but people still can't stop pining for Final Fantasy VII, released XIII years ago. But Yoshinori Kitase, answering hypothetically, said a remake by modern standards might take XIV years to make.

Speaking to TechDigest, Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy XIII (and director of VII) said a remake would be attempted if it were feasible to complete in a year. And that's hardly likely. His complete answer:

If it were possible that we had all the right facilities and the right environment to be able to make and prepare a Final Fantasy VII remake within a year, we'd very much like a go at it! But even Final Fantasy XIII has taken over three and a half years to create. If we were to recreate Final Fantasy VII with the same level of graphical detail as you see in Final Fantasy XIII, we'd imagine that that would take as much as three or four times longer than the three and a half years it has taken to put this Final Fantasy together! So it's looking pretty unrealistic! But if any such situation came about by any remote chance, then yes, we'd do it!

Granted, we're extrapolating his offhand calculation that a remake would take 4 times as long to create as an original on a three-and-a-half-year development cycle. The operative concern here seems to be whether Square Enix could pull it off in a year. And no, that doesn't sound likely.

Final Fantasy XIII 's Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase - Interview [TechDigest via Connected Consoles]


    Then how about aiming a little lower Square-Enix... While we do want a FF13 looking FF7, i'd happily settle for a HD version (with upgraded models) of the original game... and maybe re-do the cut scenes. Seriously, the 2D backdrops were fitting.

    A FFVII remake doesn't have to be hitting the standards of some of todays big name games. It just has to look a bit better, sound a bit better, play a bit better and it would sell like absolute friggin' hotcakes. It's a no brainer, no matter which way you look at it.

    Unless all this down-talking of a remake has just been to throw people off the fact that they are remaking, just keep quiet guys. You're not making the fan-base any happier, and you're going to keep getting the question for as long as time continues to flow, so saying no won't help.

    How would reusing a script and graphical engine take longer than a new story and graphic set? Granted, models would have to be updated, but i can't see any reason it would take three times more time than XIII needed.

      Remaking FFVII to the same level of graphical quality of FFXIII would take much longer because FFVII is a much bigger game than FFXIII. Generating HD art assets is the number one reason for the huge rise in the cost of developing games this console generation. As a result, games tend to be smaller/shorter than they once were.

        Didn't SE said they learnt a lot from FF XIII, and they are now capable of creating similar type games in shorter time frame?

          Perhaps, but remember that FFXIII is quite a different game to FFVII in terms of the scope of its design and the size of its world.

    I think even if they did it as a download only title for the psp/ps3 with dissidia or crisis core graphics that would be awesome. Mind you it would make the file size a good 6-10gb :p

    They shoulda done it using the Crisis Core engine and released it on the PSP.

    Why are you people so stupid, its not realistic to remake the game because its entire world was much bigger than current RPGs'. The amout of detail in terms of the 2D backdrops, the environment, easter eggs and so on would mean that recreating the exact same game to todays standards would take far longer than making FFXIII.

    Not to mention, to all those who just say, "oh, just improve everything a little bit and we will be happy", do you realise how pissed of a large number of the fanbase will be. There will be heaps of people who will want the exact same game, but bigger and better, from the graphics, to gameplay to everything. Not to mention that if it dose not turn out exactly the way fans wanted then the bad press from all the full pissed off fans will create can significantly damage the games success.

    Also there is no guarruntee that the game would sell like hotcakes. If for anyreason fans are pissed (a seen is missing a chair from the origninal game, trust me it happens), the bad publicity could severly damage the company and the employees morall, japanese are very proud after all.

    I could go on but i think...well i hope you get the idea.

    I'd actually think it would be interesting to see a PS4 release (provided that the console comes in the next 3 years or so). To me it seems like i've seen it all with this generation of games, there's not the 'wow!' factor you get with a well constructed game on a new console release. I would not mind waiting...a good example of this is the rumoured new zelda game on the gamecube a long time ago. The release kept dragging on until it eventually was launched on the wii aswell. But I think it should take good use of the PS4, not a PS3/PS4 release like zleda.

    SuperDeadlyNinjaBees i dont think thats what alot of people want. When the Final Fantasy Vii ps3 Demo vid came out 3-4 years ago, thats when the speculation started for a remade ff7.
    having it on the psp would just piss alot of people off. and it doesnt have a large enough install base in the states:/

    Once again, true, however I disagree with the 'four times as long' comment. Twice, maybe. Hell, I would think a FF7 remake would do twice as well as FF14, and no, I'm not cracking a joke because 14 is twice 7. But seriously, perhaps a two part game? And besides, long, long RPGs are still beig made. 'Star Ocean' anyone? It was 3 DvDs!

    Why are crazy people so desperate for a HD remake of FFVII? It's not like the game isn't still impressive. And isn't like it's difficult to find like it's superior brother VI. You can buy the damn game on the PSN for less that a nice dinner! Why make SE waste their time and talent on reheating an old classic?

    I'm on Square Enix's side on this one. I'm a huge fan, and if they are going to do a remake, I expect it to be a damn fine one.
    Square Enix know what FFVII means to people, and they probably don't want to attempt to remake it unless they can get it right, and it would seem that they don't believe they have the time and ability to do it justice. Imagine the backlash they'd get if they did a half-arsed job...
    Yes they could just do a shitty remake and make money on it because they could (like they do with so many things), but FFVII is huge, and I'm more than happy to wait for them to do it right, even if it never happens.

    "a remake by modern standards might take XIV years to make."

    I LOLed.

    It really doesn't need to be remade. I can still play it now quite happily with the horrible graphics. It would take more effort than XXXXCIVIVII (the new one) because they know how easy it would be to screw it up. Most people would want a remake to be the smallest amount different from the original. Squenix know that they won't be able to deliver, so they are leaving it. It's just too hard to completely re-do the game without changing it too much.

    If you can't play the original, you don't need a remake.

    Am I the only one who doesn't want a FFVII remake? At least not yet anyway. I can't help but feel that it hasn't reached "classic" status yet. The recent milking of the franchise definitely helped push the game out of the oldies territory. I'd much rather see a complete remake of a game that's not fresh in people's minds, something like FFV or FFVI.

    Too many FFVII fanboys getting their panties in a knot. SE probably shouldn't have remade that FFVII opening scene.

    Am I the only one who vastly preferred FFVIII?

      Not vastly, but FFVIII was definitely my favourite also.

    @legless joe
    IF they do a remake, no matter what they do, about half the fan-base will hate it. See under 'they changed it now it sucks' and 'it is the same now it sucks'.

    That said, I have a proposition for a quicker dev. cycle. DS remake :) ? And obviously this is not because I can only justify handheld gaming these days. Not al all. Nope...

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