Kojima Apologises; Says 'No Greater Crime' Than A Delay

Hideo Kojima is taking the delay (in Japan) of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker very seriously, and has posted a personal mea culpa asking for fans' forgiveness and their continued trust.

"I always preach to the staff, 'You must not have a delay after a release date has been announced. There is no greater crime as a game developer.'" Kojima wrote (this according to a translation by andriasang).

"Official announcement of a release date is nothing less than a promise to fans and business partners. In other words, a release date change is like betraying the expectations of everyone," Kojima added, according to the translation.

The game originally was slotted for a March 18 drop; it's now been pushed to April 29. The North American (May 25) and European (May 28) release dates are not affected.

Andriasang reports that Kojima's apology has been met with wide forgiveness, in the form of numerous blog comments pledging support.

Hideo Kojima Takes Peace Walker Delay Seriously [andriasang]


    He shouldn't feel too bad. The biggest crime is when a developer releases a craptastic game when they could have released a good one.

    Even though i no longer own a Sony console i'd like to say "You the man Kojima, we got your back" and also "Bring on Rising!"

    "There is no greater crime as a game developer."

    And continuing the series isn't a crime? :-P.

    Wow if delaying a release date is a crime then what in the hell are blizzard doing diablo got delayed a whole year lol

      This is exactly what I thought, Blizzard must be facing life for this 'crime'.

    Kojima-san doesn't have to make Metal Gear any more >_>

    Untrue. The "greater crime" is exposing us to MGS4's interminable cutscenes and loading screens.

    Some of the load times are longer than the waits between MGS games.

    Well, at least the mans honest about it. At least he has the balls to front up about it and not 'spin' it like MS, Sony and Ninty usually do...

    Thought the greater crime was to fill a game with hour long cutscenes and a ending that dragged on longer than The Phantom Menace.

    As long as wait isn't merely for more pretentiousness and 'in-jokes' that plagued his other releases.

    I thought the crime he was meant to face was that of "Thou shalt not force unnecessary countdown after unnecessary countdown upon the gaming populace".

    In spite of everything, it's still kind of refreshing to have a developer step out and say "Hey, yeah... should be out earlier, we slipped, our bad..." rather than wandering up to a journo, grunting something about "Ready when it's ready" then shambling back into the cover of darkness...

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