Kojima Productions On MGS4 Budget Claims

Hollywood loves talking money - salaries, budgets, you name it. The game industry doesn't.

Some developers have been very open about how much their titles cost to produce. Other developers have not revealed their budgets. When Kotaku posted the Digital Battle.com story about the ten most expensive

As Kotaku mentioned earlier when posting the Digital Battle.com: "The sticky part of video game budgets is that some developers will not confirm the actual budgets, and there is some speculation in these numbers."

Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ken Imaizumi has stated that he claim that the PS3 exclusive cost $US60 million is incorrect.

"It's being written in recent news that MGS4's budget was over 50 million or 70 million," Imaizumi tweeted. "It didn't cost that that much." If it cost that much, Imaizumi added, the game would've become multi-platform.

Then how much did it cost?

Reuters indirectly quoted former Kojima Productions Associate Producer Ryan Payton as saying that the game was so expensive to develop, that it needed to sell a million copies on launch day to turn a profit. (Payton later stated that he had been misquoted, and that the information was incorrect.)

Then, that brings me back to: How much did it cost? Movie producers and directors have no problem talking about how much was spent on making a feature film and neither should game developers.

Kotaku has reached out to Kojima Productions for a comment.

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    I would believe almost all game budgets are extremely over-exaggerated. The salaries for game developers ain't that high to warrant such a large budget.

    I know its not all salaries, but with big games like MGS4 and the amount of people working on it, the wage for the dev's would make up a decent amount of the budget.

    Obviously most of the money goes into the new technology for developing an engine & all that -- but I really don't think GTA IV cost $100+ million on developing alone.

    alot of cash would go to server and render farms as well as developing technologies to enhance video games, plus marketing which is usually half the budget. game testing, market research and so forth.

    probably alot of cash on coffee too.

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