Konami Sets N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights For Spring Stateside

The follow-up to Phantagram and Q Entertainment's Ninety-Nine Nights for the Xbox 360, now in the hands of developer Feelplus, is coming to North America. Konami has loosely dated what it's calling N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights for the northern hemisphere spring.

That's the same seasonal window for the Japanese release of the hack and slash Xbox 360 exclusive. Based on the previous Ninety-Nine Nights and Microsoft choosing to pass on the sequel - plus our hands-on time with the game - we're cautiously optimistic about the new entry, if only for Q Entertainment's continued involvement.

Konami is marking the North American announcement with some new, some clearly not so new screens of N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights. Try not to confuse them with screen shots from Nier or Quantum Theory.


    i hope the game has more substance this time!

    well it certainly looks pretty as heck!

    hopefully it'll play well too...

    The difference between life and death in the first game sometimes was entirely dependant on how quick you could tap those buttons... and if you were lucky with drops from the horde. That type of generated luck doesn't sit well with me, so I hope they fixed it this time around.

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