Kotaku Off Topic: Amazing Spider-Man #239

Attention, fellow Kotaku Off Topic readers. This particular post is about to get nerdy. So let's get off-topic and let's dork out for a while.

I was just reflecting on portions of my comic book past, one that involved a whole hell of a lot of Amazing Spider-Man comic books, starting with that particular issue to the left. It was acquired, if I remember this correctly, from a grocery store for below the cover price, alongside The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Deluxe Edition). It was in a bin overflowing with comics priced to move at 25 cents. And I got hooked.

I went back a few hundred issues and forward a few hundred more, amassing maybe 300 issues of the series, maintaining some sort of snobbery that prevented me from reading Web Of and Spectacular Spider-Man, adhering only to Amazing. Eventually, I gave up. But I still read the occasional book and am always looking for suggestions. So let's hear 'em.

Otherwise, the discussion is all yours. Nerd out. Be cool. Whatever.


    Have you read Ultimate Spiderman? I was a big fan of the original amazing comics and have found this new and wonderfully drawn series to satisfy my depraved spidey appettite. Look into it!

      ...if only the American writers could see our comments.

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