Kotaku Off-Topic: D-FENS

Let's all just relax with a big swig of Kotaku Off Topic, shedding our individual cases of the Mondays with some random chatter, whether it be video game related or not. Like, we could even talk about traffic.

See, I spent a little time on the road today, a trip down the 101 to the 110 to the 105, not the most pleasant of drives but not the worst one can do in Los Angeles. Every mile spent on the LA freeways are miles that I'm thrilled to work from home, thrilled not to have to commute crosstown amidst the driving masses. One could see how someone might just snap driving to and fro in this town.

You wanna talk about your job? Your dream job? Your commute? Your drive time soundtrack? You can in these very comments. And here are a few conversation starters, just for fun.


    I hate the Learner plate and P plate laws for driving so much it hurts., anyone else going for their Ps?

      I'm just hanging to finish uni.. this PhD is driving me up the freaking wall...

    Been there, done that.

    In the Territory, thank God, one year of P's six months of L's.

    Has increasing the time on P's actually saved any lives... or is it just generic youth bashing?

    Drivers are terrible in Australia. I for one thing it's a good system.

      I agree that a large percentage of drivers are terrible, but it's way off being called a "good system". By restricting passengers and power limits in the car doesn't mean the driver will improve their skills when they come off their p's. What is needed is a better driver training system and licence system. Defensive driving should be mandatory and the practical test should be actually a test, not 'hey drive around the street, reverse park and indicate', congrats your now qualified.

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