Kotaku Off Topic: Judge Wopner

Welcome to Kotaku Off Topic, where a nightly post full of not necessarily video game related conversation can be about humour and anthrax laden heroin.

Earlier today, I was reminded of one of my favourite Saturday Night Live sketches. Not surprisingly, it involved the amazing Phil Hartman who played the role of Judge Wopner in a send up of the People's Court. The devil Mephistopheles, Jon Lovitz in crimson tights, was being sued by a hairdresser for nullification of contract, with roles played brilliantly by the SNL cast. It's been some time since I've enjoyed a skit (one that wasn't a Digital Short) from the show, but it's also rare that I watch it.

Any outstanding SNL moments I should really know about? Let me know in the comments. If you'd like to rather read about heroin users injecting anthrax, we'll we've got that too.


    Judge Death ?...God that takes me back...Used to love those 2000AD comics in the 80's.

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