Kotaku Off-Topic: Old Hoaxy

That was the nickname of the Cardiff Giant, history's greatest humbug. If only Barnum had Photoshop and Internet access, who knows what he'd have pulled off. Some items making the rounds this weekend deserve a little scepticism, too.

  • Considering the subject matter this very likely could be a hoax, but a Polish newspaper publishes an image of Pedobear in an illustration of Olympics mascots.
  • This definitely was a hoax: Bill Cosby is not dead.
  • If this wasn't published by the blog of Foreign Policy I'd definitely say it was a hoax: Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia is rejected because his name, in Arabic, means literally "biggest dick".
  • I think the Old Hoaxy's schmeckel (above) might challenge the claim.
  • And everyone caught in the mid-Atlantic snow shiticane know that's no joke. Here's a Baltimore weatherman becoming unhinged, on-air, describing the apocalyptic snowfall due in his area. Simmah down nah!


    Having lived in Canada I find this massive panick over the snow a touch hilarious. Yeah, it's a little bit of snow, but 'snowmageddon'? Really? Fuck, I walked to work in twice this amount with a high fever. Suck it up America.

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