Kotaku Off Topic: Pho Time

After working for the weekend, it's here, a few days off that we'll celebrate with this special edition of Kotaku Off Topic, where anything goes. Well, almost anything.

I'm kicking off the weekend with a little pho tonight, perhaps a few big Kirin Ichibans and some relaxation. It'll be a chilly 10C here in Los Angeles, so some hot broth with some rare beef - hold the tendon! - will do the trick. What do you plan to do with your weekend?

Get caught up on some of this week's more interesting non-video game related things below, then comment away about whatever's on your noodle tonight.


    Fantastic looking Pho; it's making me salivate. I like mine with all the chilli in the soup with some oyster sauce.

    OMG the mention of pho makes me drool.

    PHO! PHO! PHO! :D

    Be damned McWhertor! Midnight and I'm all hungry ):

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