Kotaku Off Topic: Pick Up!

This edition of Kotaku Off Topic is definitely not about video games. I mean, there is a Mac at the top of the post, which should make that pretty obvious.

It can, of course, be about anything. But since I just got a new iMac from the FedEx man today it can be about recent purchases. Who knows? You may find a fellow Kotaku commenter out there that shares your interest in really expensive cameras, figures or fine wines. Or you may just find another who's excited to be paying off some student loans.

Or, if you're like me, you just make a big investment in a new computer and some new clothes, like this Mishka Swarm windbreaker that I just picked up recently. Mine's not in this intense red, but a more subtle navy and white that I can find a picture of online.

Go for it. We'll skip tonight's link dump and just head right into the conversation.


    BENQ 24 inch LCD $210 BARGIN!


      Is that the one with no speakers, but a headphone jack on the side? I have one of those on my desk, goes good! And $210 is a good price, got mine for about $285 I think?

    I just purchased another semesters worth of debt from my university.

    Err....hmmm.....I just fixed my vacuum cleaner. Just purchased a trip away with the wife to a nice little beach resort for our first anniversary.

    Gaming wise, well, I am to busy playing Dragon Age right now to be worrying about buying something (clocked ME2).

    That is till May when I finally convince the wife that a living room does in fact need a 200hz 42" Full HD LCD. High hopes folks. Gotta have high hopes.

    27' inch i5 iMac around 2.5k not much of a bargain but great for video editing :)

    lets hope HL3 and steam work on that mac soon ey ^_^

    im still waiting for apple to release soem hardware that apeals to a gamer thou... mabye ill get a mac desktop in the future maaaabye if they impress gaming wize this year.

    really dont like windows 7 :( esp now the RC is almost over

    Corey Haim set in resin bottel top badge, $3.50! BARGAIN!!

    I picked up a macbook for my gf for Valentines day. Only 1299 AUD. I then told her in the middle of the night that something was really wrong with her pc. And when she went to check it out, there it was. All shiny and new :)
    I also got new glasses. Designer glasses. Weird glasses that warp the crap outta my vision in my left peripheries. I can look straight ahead at the milk in the supermarket and see what someone is picking up off the shelf at the other end of the aisle. Spy glasses.
    We also recently had a baby. But spy glasses!

    yes adam the G2420HD ? or something !!! is great! a few years back I got the 22" FPw222 ? benq ... which was something like $270ish ... so to go a tiny bit bigger & for cheaper nowadays is great!!!

    Picked up a 4TB WD My Studio II Drive yesterday.
    It contains 2x 2TB Hard Drives, wired up for either RAID 0 (Striping) or RAID 1 (Mirroring)

    Initial findings
    1. If you format using FAT32 you can backup your PS3 data files to it*
    2. If you use Disk Utility (OS X) or diskmgmt (Win) you can create partitions.

    *Now I imagine that if you create partitions with RAID 1 it should mirror that too, but that's untested at this point.

    What this would ultimately mean is:
    1. If either the PS3/XBox or the drive break I can quickly get a replacement and be back gaming with minimal loss of time
    (XBox is also as yet untested, but should in theory work)
    2. If either the Mac or the drive break I can also quickly replace and be back computing in a short time using Time Machine.

    In short: Documents, Music, Photos, Save Games, System. All are backed up**.

    **To truly cover, you'd need an additional 2TB drive that swaps out on a monthly basis and kept off-site. That would really be super overkill, but if you've already spent ~$750 getting this far, what's another ~$230?

      Update. In case anybody's interested.

      Microsoft is too stingy with their DRM application. You cannot backup your save games to the external hard drive.
      It'l do photos and videos just fine, so it's definitely not just a cannot access drive or drive too big issue.
      It won't even do it to a standard memory stick so it's just Microsoft playing funny buggers.

      The good news is that the mirroring works with the multiple partitions.
      Verified by taking both drives out and individually comparing them in a test machine.

      I create two partitions with the drives. One HFS+ for Time Machine, one FAT32 for everything else.

      The Mac can backup without interference. The music, photos and PS3 images get stored in a nice organised set of folders. And everything gets mirrored as part of the RAID 1 going on in the background, silently making a backup of the backup.

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