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Kotaku Off Topic readers and commenters, I have a largely off topic question for you. Should I watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

Not trying to up my nerd cred any further, but as a long time fan of The Next Generation and the unfortunate follower of Voyager, my interest in finding more enjoyable Trek is high. Perhaps it's due to reading Fahey's Star Trek Online logs, but it may just be an itch for some quality sci-fi. Gentle nudges to get me to finally watch Battlestar Galactica won't be ignored.

Any sci-fi you're rabidly into? Would you like to look at some links?


    Here's a not so subtle nudge... WATCH BATTLESTAR GALACTICA
    Easily the best Sci-Fi series to come out in the last decade.

    Coincidentaly, I am going back through DS9 at the moment. Its pretty good, not quite up to TNG, waaaaay better than Voyager or Enterprise. Definately worth watching for some of the great characters (Garrick, Quark, Miles O'Brien).

    You should watch Battlestar though. As annoying as some of the plot gets, it is a quality show. You end up just watching it for Admiral Adama though, which is totally understandable.

    Plus watch SG1 (almost finished season 10) and Farscape definately has it's charms. And then there is always Firefly, which is a great show to break girls into sci-fi. Too much nerd?

    Do it. DS9 is one of the better Star Trek series. Not being on a ship gives them the opportunity to expand on the main characters. Well worth the effort IMHO.

    Yes, you should.

    I actually only watched it all recently and I'd say, yes you should. If only to flesh out your Star Trek canon knowledge and also see what Ronald D Moore was up to before BSG.

    It's reasonably different from your more traditional Trek, primarily due to the lack of actual Trekking (being on a space station and all). But theres alot more character focus, the fleshing out of Worf as a character post TNG is quite good.

    Absolutely. It's a wonderful show- I just watched it recently and loved it even more the second time.

    DS9 is worth the effort (i usually glaze over the holodesk eps just like TNG ones), more so then enterprise, voyager is a little underrated i think, it wasn't TNG but with the bar set so high, catch reruns of it and DS9 on scifi every now and again, but really DS9 is a poor mans Babylon 5, now there is a scifi epic JMS is the man!!!

    oww yeah get some BSG, and firefly and farscape

    Watch it.

    It's the best Trek, if only because it doesn't follow all the Trek rules, particularly in the later seasons.

    DS9 is quality, should definetly check it out. My second favourite series after Next Gen.

    Galactica is also very good, for different reasons.

    Are you fucking kidding?

    DS9 is the best of all the series. Yes, this includes TNG.

    DS9 is a serial drama as opposed to the 'problem of the week' episodes of TNG, and it also has much much better character, relationship and inter-factional development.

    It's so much better at portraying and using the Star Trek "Universe" in a coherant and believable way. TNG is filled with planets they come and leave in a single episode and never return. DS9, by virtue of the fact that it's pretty much stationary, cannot simply "warp away" from the problem.

    There is a reason why TV Guide in the US called it the best Trek series of them all.

    Start watching, and keep watching. Don't give up early.

    I tried to watch DS9, and couldn't. It was horrible on many levels, but the simple fact that there was no reason to watch it (no greater storyline, just singular episodes) was why i gave it up after about 30 episodes.

    On the other hand, i did manage to get all the way through BSG, at the repeated requests/demands/pleas of my friends. I didn't enjoy it though, it was just a drama in space. You could've taken away the scifi and you would've had some random daytime drama. Who's sleeping with who now? And why!?!?! So compelling...

      Mig, how can you say it has "no greater storyline, just singular episodes" when a common complaint was the series was difficult to jump into because episodes referenced events from other episodes and seasons and had a large cast of supporting characters? DS9 was the first Trek series to keep storylines and characters around, not just "disappear off into the unknown" like TNG did.

      For example, the entire arc of Sisko's character comes from the very first episode and carries throughout the series to the final episode. The series had seasonal arcs and themes, like the threat of the Dominion and their macinations for several seasons and the war throughout season 6 and 7.

      Of course, early on, when Rick Berman and Michael Piller were still overseeing it, the show was closer to TNG's formula of "crisis of the week", but starting at the end of Season 1 they began to branch out in storyline arcs and themes.

      Give it a chance. DS9 is probably the most rewarding Star Trek series of all.

    DS9 is made of win
    The commander actually punches Q IN THE FACE, true story

    I'm watching DS9 at the moment, about half way though season 2 at the moment.
    I don't enjoy it as much as I did TNG, but it's better than Enterprise.

    To be honest, compared to other SciFi out there now, it's starting to show its age. The storylines tend to be fairly family friendly and a tad dull. It also doesnt have the CGI effects a modern audience is used to. Others may tell you that's part of the magic that is Star Trek, which is fine if you've been a die hard fanboy forever, but not so if your just looking for decent SciFi to watch.

    If you haven't watched Battlestar Galactica yet, I would absolutely pick that up. The first couple of seasons are especially good. In Seasons 3 and 4 it seemed they were trying to stretch the story out, and it didn't work so well. "Days of our lives in space" as my circle of friends refer to it. BSG has top notch CGI and a great storyline that will keep you begging for more, and the Caprica spinoff is looking quite promising as well.

    If BSG is comparible to playing Mass Effect 2, DS9 is kinda like like playing Voyager – Elite Force

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