Kotaku Originals: To A Fair-Thee-Well

The endings or beginnings of four shows, festivals or fairs - DICE, Toy Fair, the upcoming IFG and the outgoing X10 - churned up a ton of coverage over this past week. We saved room for more, don't worry.

Kotaku's DICE 2010 Coverage

The Road to the Independent Games Festival

Kotaku's Toy Fair 2010 Coverage

Kotaku's X10 Coverage

Reviews, Previews, Hands-On & Impressions

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Hands On: A Less Cheesy Three-way Dip

Assassin's Creed II: Discovery Micro-Review: Worth Discovering?

The Latest Prince of Persia Plays With Solid Water and Flexible Time

Aliens Vs. Predator Review: Too Human

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Review: A Muddled Mess

Alan Wake Preview: The First Full Episode

STALKER: Call Of Pripyat Review: Third Time's A Charm?

Halo Legends DVD Review: Ring Around The Halo Universe

Chime Review: Tune In, Drop Out

Hustle Kings Micro-Review: The colour of Fun


The Day Gamers Took Over Reselling: Epilogue

A Look at the iPhone's Mecho Wars Sequel on the PSP

How To Unlock The Resident Evil 5 DLC "Classic" Camera

More Fist of the North Star Screens, Of Course Already Dead

World Of Warcraft Plushies: On The Wings Of Cuteness

Halo 3 Multiplayer Servers Will Survive Halo Reach's Launch

Bungie Explains If Halo Reach Is More of an ODST or a Halo 3 Game

Naughty Dog Helping Naughty Dogs

Nintendo Goes To Court Again, This Time Over DS Piracy

What Does The Final Fantasy Team Think Of The Last Story?

No, There Isn't A Jimi Hendrix: Rock Band In The Works

Poof! And Like That Midway Games Disappear From Xbox LIVE [Update]

Xbox Live & PSN On Mobile Phones: No, No, No

Your Rough Guide To The Studios Behind Halo Legends

The Past, Platforms And Future Of Final Fantasy XIII, Agito And Versus

Final Fantasy XIII Creators On The Influence of Call of Duty, Card Games & The Toyota Prius

Beyond Halo, Marathon, Myth, Oni, What's Next For Bungie

This Pokemon Is Somehow Strangely Familar

Sony's PS3 Digital Recorder Gets Release Date

Nothing Says I Love You Like Being Stabbed With Final Fantasy Characters

2010: A Video Gamer's Guide

If You Want To Play EspGaluda II, Read This Post

We Now Know How Many Of You Have A HD Television

Professor Layton Developer Makes Another Soccer RPG Sequel

With FirstPlay, Europe Gets Paid PSN Programming

Plants vs. Zombies Has Sprouted on The iPhone

Square Enix Probing Altered FFXIII Comparison Shots [Update]

Five More Screens Show Off The Show

No, This is Not Confirmation of the 'Wii 2'


Judging The Covers Of Games, And How To Make Them Better

Dante's Inferno's Japanese Marketing Includes a Racial Twist


Star Trek MMO Log, Stardate 2010.16

Stick Jockey: Plenty of Contractions, and a Lower Birth Rate in Sports Gaming

Starcraft II

Starcraft II: Some Thoughts On The Beta

New Starcraft II Screens, With That Beta-Fresh Smell

The StarCraft II Beta Test Has Officially Begun


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