Kotaku-Tan, The T-Shirt For The Kotaku Fan

It's been a long time since we've had Kotaku tees for sale...

But now we have Kotaku-tan. Based on the moe anthropomorphism style of 2chan's OS-tans, Kotaku-tan taps into references that are probably familiar to the longtime reader: the friendly Pointer Fish, our unhealthy love of cake, the 'K' logo, the... um... memorable Kotaku colour scheme. The long and flowing black hair? Totally a coincidence.

We worked with the talented Jason Chan, perhaps best known to Kotaku readers as the artist responsible for "Zombie Playground" (or maybe for his work on Dragon Age: Origins), to create Kotaku-tan for Meat Bun. Jason worked in some amazing little details, like the little d-pads placed on the white shell armour and K logo boot-wings.

We're super excited with the way she's turned out, thanks in part to a ridiculous 13-screen printing process that made for a beautiful print that's surprisingly soft. Kotaku-tan is available now at Meat Bun in black, asphalt, and natural organic.


    Nice artwork, wouldn't be caught dead wearing it though.

      My sentiments exactly.

      Might make a cool sticker though... that you'd hide away from the sight of regular people..

      Hey or at the very least we could make it one of those japanese love cushions!

    I'd wear it...but then again, I might be a minority among Kotaku readers. :P

      I'd wear that out, but not the black ones. Can't stand black shirts.

    if you had this as a nice big vinyl sticker, I'd be up for that - my work laptop is waaaaaay too bland:)

    I like the design but it's too xbox-y for my liking (the colours and shapes - but Kotaku does use the same colours). It'd be better as a laptop skin or something, it's to obscure for a T-shirt.

    I think they are awesome!!

    Nice one!

    given the responses im actually quite interested to see what kind of fashion sense the above people have. not saying they are wrong about the shirt or anything, im just interested to see what people who 'wouldnt be caught dead wearing it' and 'cant stand black tshirts' wear on a day to day basis...

    imho, shirt looks good; ive seen way way worse being sold in general pants, glue, surf dive n ski other "cool" places like that...

      I mostly wear white or pale blue t-shirts. I say I can't stand black shirts because I don't like black clothing.

    Hey, if you (kotaku) need help with designing more tees I'd be happy lend some expertise. I'm starting up a design studio and very happy to help pro bono style just for some recondition.

    I meant to say 'recognition' not 'recondition'. Spell check got the best of me there.

    I really like this, i would really like to buy a sticker or a keychain or anything else. However as i don't want to be exiled by society i shall not be caught dead in it, shame too.

    I wouldn't wear it out either - but i'd stick a sticker somewhere..

    @kyle - My fashion sense doesn't include t-shirts with semi naked chicks on them.. especially not anime styled ones.. just doesn't really fit.

      Same for me.

    It's a chick riding a fish. What else do you want? Insta-awesome.

    $24 t-shirt = cool
    $28.5 shipping = GTFO

    Grand total of 52.5USD

    Sorry guys I ebay a lot, and unless this is coming from a sweat shop in Antarctica I really can't justify 28.5USD.

    The postage demon strikes again. The rest of the world hates Australia often when you reach that part of the order. Just another case of a lost sale from me they would have potentially had.

    Interesting... but I'll look like a creepy weirdo with it "when did you decide on joining homo explosion"

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